A Little More From Lyon

 I have so many photos that I have to share them. Most, as is my wont, are of architecture. It just moves me.


Just an ordinary stairway made extraordinary with curving ceilings. Much of Lyon had an Italian feel to me. Lyon, by the way, is more ancient than Paris and was a much more important city during Roman times. Lyon is also second in size after Paris.


 Loved the color


A view from below of the Basilica


 Loved the color, the stone, the arch of this stairwell


 There is something special about lace curtains hanging in a window

8 thoughts to “A Little More From Lyon”

  1. Beautiful shots, Linda — love these! I definitely agree that Lyon should be visited more often by us Americans… I hope to make my way back there one day too.

  2. I love all these; I’d love to know where to buy lace curtains. We saw them all over Provence, but didn’t see any for sale.

    Next time you’re in Lyon make sure Maurice takes you out to dinner!

  3. I discover your blog , Beautiful photos of my city!! I live in Lyon and I think it’s rather the 3rd in size after Marseille, did you ever visit lyon during la fete des lumières in december?if you happen to come back during this event, you will discover it in a completly different way.

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