Farmer’s Fair

I went to a market/fair Saturday with a blogging friend Lisa of She had passes to get into a fair selling the food and wares of farmers and others and it was right in my neighborhood in the Parc Floral of the Bois de Vincinnes. It wasn’t as large as these things can be but it was fun.

There was alot of cheese for sale, some butchers selling meat, honey products and also a man selling products for the skin and soap made from mare’s milk. I’ve heard milk from horses is good for the skin but, even being a skin cream junkie, I passed. I think there were the most booths there selling either wine or cognac and Lisa and I were feeling a little tipsy from the free tastes before it was all over.


I love the color of cognac and most of them have rather splendid bottles. I did try a little of this and it was way too strong for me.


This was way too strong too. I took the photo because I really liked the bottle, both the leaning ones and the square ones behind which stack up in little towers. After I took it the man told me I couldn’t take photos which is why I’m showing this here. He said something like they could loose alot of money if their product were copied I think.


I did end up buying something from this booth. It was manned by two cute ladies who had huge smiles on their faces and they were having a really good time giving us samples. I told them I liked how happy they looked and one of them pointed to her tea mug. I suspect it had a little cognac in it. I bought a cognac product called pineau, which is a much sweeter alcohol, a mix of cognac and grape must which is then aged in oak barrels. I got an older one. It had a lovely deep brown flavor and is, I’m sure, loaded with calories. I also bought a Cream de Peche drink, flavored with peaches. Very yummy. When I served it a few days later I was told it was a drink for ladies, I guess because it is sweet. The Pineau, I found out, is considered an aperatif, served before a meal. All of these rules and traditions. I’m clueless basically but I’ll try them all. Just tell me when.

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  1. Linda, was it Pineau des Charentes? I love that apéritif… It’s one of my favorites. And yes, they do tend to say it’s a “ladies’ drink”, but I don’t care — I like the sweeter drinks anyway. And my boyfriend will have a glass of it with me from time to time, although I’m the one who tends to drink more wine than him! He teases me by saying that I have “une bonne descente”…

    I think you might like the wine Sauternes, which is a bordeaux but is a sweet white wine served especially with foie gras or sometimes with desserts. It’s decadent and heavenly! You might also like a Gewurtztraminer Vendanges Tardives — which is basically a stronger, richer, sweeter Gewurtz. Also a great dessert wine.

    I’m far from an expert, trust me — I wish I could spend all my time learning — but I do tend to have my preferences! For everyday, though, nothing beats a good glass of red, my favorite being the Graves region in Bordeaux.

  2. If their product was copied, how?….if the bottle were copied? I wonder what makes him think people can copy a recipe based on a picture of a bottle.

    All of this wine-tasting and appreciation for l’alcool made this “puritanical Americaine” pretty tipsy this weekend. I’ve never seen so much wine and liqueur in my LIFE. :0l

  3. Sure was a fun day and those lovely cognac ladies were delightful. Alice: yes, it was Pineau des Charentes, you’re correct! I really need to post some of my photos, I’m WAY behind!

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