Linda’s Tour de France 5


I have to say that the Alsace region of France is really terrific. All very clean and rather German looking due to the fact that this area of France has gone back and forth between being part of Germany and France and finally choosing to be French. Apparantly it was with some difficulty that they fit back into the French culture and Maurice says that they still pay their taxes differently in a somewhat German way which I don’t understand. I loved my short time in Strasbourg and took an audio tour around the old part of the city and was charmed.


We took the train there. The high speed TGV will be operational to Alsace in June. It took us about four hours. We saw the new TGV in the station at Gare de l’Est and it was huge and full of some sort of dignitaries who were probably going to get a sample ride. There were all sorts of staff around. The train station both in Paris and Strasbourg are undergoing massive rebuilding to accomodate the TGV. By the looks of things I don’t know how they will ever be ready by June. The train we took to Metz had a really nice dinner car where we sat at booths and had some Alsacian wine and the menu was in English, French and German. The newer trains just have sort of bar cars with a few stools but mostly just standing room.


Another fabulous cathedral-the tallest in Europe, I believe. It is a lovely rose color and very ornate. The Cathedral square was especially lovely and it was so wonderful to sit in front of a cafe in the shade (it was hot) enjoying a cold drink and gazing at this masterpiece.


Yet another huge clock inside the cathedral. This one had a rooster on top the crowed three times when the main “show” took place at 12:30. Disciples passed in front of Christ and death chimed the time. This clock also showed the day of the week along with religious days and lunar and solar cycles.


This little angel turned his sand clock on the hour.


A building with that German take on architecture although it reminded me of Amsterdam.


Many of the buildings had roofs like this with the little covered windows. They were used to keep the attics cooled off and food was also stored there.

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  1. I LOVE the Alsace region and I particularly love Strasbourg… The gothic cathedral is my absolute favorite in France; I remember seeing it for the first time as a student in 1994. For some reason Strasbourg will always hold a special place in my heart, but I’m not even exactly sure why! There’s just something about that city… I could totally see myself living there, in spite of the tough winter climate, and my boy is half-German, so in a way it would make sense. But he needs to be near the water, so if we were to make a move in the future, it’s more logical that we would move closer to the sea/ocean. He grew up in Le Havre, with an apartment that looked out over the waves, so he misses it desperately.

    The last time I was in Strasbourg it was bitter-cold, and I did get to see the Christmas market, but how I would love to go back to enjoy some warm weather there! Maybe with the new TGV it will be more feasible in the future…

  2. Loved our visit to Strasbourg about 12 years ago. One lasting impression I remember though – we travelled over the border from Germany and were amazed at how clean Germany was compared with driving over the border into France. Maybe they have cleaned up their act. Thanks for memories through photos.

  3. I am having a little love affair with cahedrals for the moment. Working next door to one, planning a visit to Durham in May, will read Edward Rutherfur’s Sarum as soon as I have finished The Forest.

  4. Beautiful photos…thanks for sharing. I’m partial to european cathedrals too–have you been to the one in Cologne?

  5. I’ve also been to Srasbourg, but a looong time ago…Remember the Cathedral and a great charuterie dinner…and a lovely bed and breakfast we stayed in for $8 a night! That will tell you how long ago it was 😉
    Love the angel and that sun dial in your last photo!

  6. Looks like you had a nice trip. I hope to visit Strasbourg very soon. We need to do more traveling outside of the Alps regions.

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