Right Bank to the Left Bank

 I love to start a walk at the Palais Royal, take a look around the gardens, then cross the Pont des Art to the Left Bank.


A detail on the freshly painted fence by the Louvre Museum


As you cross the Pont des Arts over the Seine you get a view of Ile de la Cite where Notre Dame is located. Here is the end of the island with Pont Neuf on either side.


 On the Left Bank, the first building you reach is the Institute de France which was once a boarding school for boys set up by Mazarin.


It was a very busy sunny Sunday and also Palm Sunday so the streets and gardens were packed with people. These girls were set up in a little alley and I bet they made alot of money.


 A view of the Luxembourg Gardens which is huge but it was so full of people it was like being on a street. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so crowded.


An Easter Egg in a window created with macarons by Gerald Murot. He’s the “Pope of Macarons”. They are very tasty. I did a taste test.

7 thoughts to “Right Bank to the Left Bank”

  1. I would love to taste a macaron from this egg 🙂
    Your first photo reminds me of a photo in my blog today, taken through the bathroom in our Venice flat.

  2. Those gold-tipped gates are beautiful! I just love the emphasis they place on the small things, like gates and shutters. I photographed some pretty, lilac, wooden shutters in Avignon about two days ago. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a good shot of them, so I’m a bit wary of posting them onto my blog. Maybe I will soon.

  3. When do you think technology will evolve so that we can taste the things we see in your wonderful photographs? I’ll start with those macarons as I have had them before and KNOW just how good they are. So glad that you did a taste test!!

    Meilleurs voeux!!

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