Back In Provence


View from our back porch

 We are back in Provence for the summer although I will still be doing posts here and there on Paris. As you might imagine, the differences are many in comparing Paris and Provence. Paris is very stimulating and full of energy and, of course, so beautiful, but Provence is famous for a reason. There is beauty here, nature abounding, fabulous light and a whole different way of life. I have to say that I feel serene here, especially sitting on our porch at our house looking at the view that goes on forever and not hearing a sound but an occasional bird, bees buzzing and sometimes a neighbor doing work outside. We can hear cars approaching miles before we can see them.


A sign of summer to come: poppies in Provence

 Of course, there is always something to ruin tranquility. Maurice pulled back the cover of the pook and there was no water in it. We have some sort of mysterious leak and getting someone out to find out what the problem is is almost impossible as this is the prime time to be building pools. We have insurance but that doesn’t speed things up. I am trying to visualize a positive outcome and believing that it will be something simple and inexpensive to fix and that it won’t require digging up the deck we installed last summer. It is also very cool right now so I can’t sit outside without some winter gear. We got alot of rain last night and today-a good thing for our plants. Happy to be back in our house.


Good vibes being sent out into the universe

11 thoughts to “Back In Provence”

  1. Ah, Provence — what a nice place to come home to! And to be able to alternate back and forth between Paris and Provence? Sounds like a dream come true to me…

    I’l hoping to make it down to the Atlantic Coast this summer, for at least a couple weeks anyway, so relax myself. A different world there as well, but picturesque in its own unique way.

    I love these two photos — the landscape and the poppies — just gorgeous!

  2. So that means you’ll be there in June, too? Yayy, especially because I return permanently in June and it would be nice to grab a yummy tea and speak English for a bit with another Americaine en France! :0)

    Oh, and the photoshoot is on May 24th so I’ll be hard at work designing and packing for the move at the same time. I’ll remember to take those pictures of their setup

  3. Absoulutely stunning view from your back porch! How nice to have a both Paris and Provence in your life experience. Your photos are very good.

  4. You are just “showing off”, now!
    That view is both uplifting and depressing!
    Uplifting because it is just sublime,
    depressing because I wish I was there looking at it!
    Love your blog – I visit every day.

  5. WOW – that picture is just gorgeous. It doesn’t even look real. I hope to see more pictures of Provence. lucky you!

  6. AGGGH! I too hope that repairing the pool is an “inexpensive and quick fix.” It seems that there’s always something going awry, doesn’t it? (we’re doing lots of repairs as well) I’m sending LOTS of positive vibes from California. None the less, the view is stunningly beautiful.

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