Further Developments

 I learned quite some time ago that most of the things that you worry about never occur. At the wedding of my oldest son, I was a wreck sure that my ex would insult me, that my ex father in law would embarrass me or that something horrible would happen. Of course, not one of those things occured. I used all of that energy worrying about something not only in the future but that didn’t occur. What I did, I discovered on the flight home, was totally block my emotions. I didn’t feel one feeling. I was protecting myself, I think.


Salt from Provence

 Anyway, as reported before, I have been stressing already about having thirty or so French relatives of Maurice’s here in August. What was I going to feed them, what would go wrong, would my cooking make them ill, would opinions of America go down in flames, you name it. But my whole attitude has changed since I went to a party with some of these French relatives. There was no china or glasses, everything was plastic and disposible. And the food comparisons I worried about?  Not one thing was served that was home made. It was all store bought food, ready made. Plus, one of the nice ladies said that I wasn’t to go to alot of trouble. They did want anything too chichi (is that how you spell it?).That when they arrived we would all go shopping together and buy everything. Isn’t that nice? That would be great but, really, I do want to do some cooking. I’m from Texas–I have to make some barbeque. I find that I like having company and I like cooking. I just have to not let myself get stressed out beforehand.


 Now the main stress is finding gites for them to stay in. August is a huge month for traveling for the French and we just checked two nearby gites and they are fully booked. This could be a big problem. We are looking for inexpensive places which adds to it.


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  1. Good luck with all your preparartions. I am sure it will be perfect days for you. I love huge parties in the garden with alot of food, barbequing, cakes, sweets…….will have one this summer to celebrate my parent’s golden wedding.

    By the way, I have a slat box just like yours. Bought in Provence. As the Provence salt is finished I have now filled it with Maldon salt 😉

  2. Ooh, barbeque in Provence. I think you should have some of that; I predict a big hit. Is Texas brisket? Here, it’s pulled pork.

  3. You’ve always been a great cook so I’m sure everything will go smoothly. Wish we could be there to help. Help eat the food that is!

    Your pictures continue to get better each day. I really liked these latest shots.

  4. Oh wow, “chichi” is a french word…you’d think that would’ve occurred to me already, but I never thought about it! I just looked it up in the dictionary and it means “fuss” in French. It can be singular or plural…and it’s a masculine noun. :0)

  5. Welcome back. I am getting better about throwing parties and not worrying so much about what everyone might think. I had ten kids and their parents over today and didn’t even vacuum, it was pretty liberating.

  6. I am surprised to hear how casual the French had become…but I am very happy for you!
    Now you can relax and plan on having actual fun time (which happens so rarely when I entertain, always stressing and fussing).
    Barbeque sounds great, plus a couple of interesting salads and a ready-made dessert would be on my menu 😉

  7. Such beautiful photos. I have never been to Provence but have read so much about it and have always imagined the beautiful and vibrant colours of the wild flowers and fauna. We have just had our first rain here after 8 dry weeks. I have written about it on my blog and showed garden photos after the rain.

  8. Such wise words, so much of what we worry about never actually happens. Do enjoy your visitors. Be yourself. They will love your for it. It is not easy being a hostess or a guest. The guests worry too. I only we could all just be ourselves and totally accept each other. Blessings to you and wishes for a great time when the time comes. Just being in Provence should be enough for anyone!

  9. Your photos are great as always. I especially like the one of Cafe de Flore. You capture images in an interesting way. Still trying to figure out this image.

    As for the food, I think they would love “homestyle Texas cookin” with ribs, corn, beans, etc. and they could be encouraged to assist you. Best part – you can do most of it out of doors. Good luck.

  10. I have that yellow flowering plant in my yard. We bought it for a planter in our courtyard but it was not happy there. My husband transplanted it to the side yard where it exploded with growth. If we had known it was going to be so showy it would have been placed in the backyard where we could enjoy it more.

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