At Last!

 At last the sun is out, even though it is accompanied with some wind, and it is so nice to see some blue skies again. I had a glass jar out on my window sill and it filled to the brim twice in three days of rain. That’s alot of rain.


We went from this…


 To this. I don’t know why more isn’t written about this bush in Provence, along with lavander and sunflowers, as they are quite spectacular and the fragrance is divine, rather like honeysuckle.


 Poppies are also happy to see the sun.


I saw a photo of just half a flower on a blog somewhere and thought I would try it too.


 Is there anything more dramatic that dark clouds and sunshine? All it needed was a rainbow.

8 thoughts to “At Last!”

  1. Oh, I miss those poppies everywhere! And those vineyards, too! I can’t wait to return…it’s so peaceful, warm, and beautiful. The city life really kicks my butt sometimes…

  2. Linda, the plant with yellow flowers is called Scotch broom, I believe. In French, it’s called genêt. It was the symbol of the Plantagenêt kings back in the Middle Ages. And it is invasive. There’s a lot of it in the Loire Valley, and all down toward Bordeaux from here. There’s also a lot of it in California and on the U.S. East Coast. Once it takes hold, it’s hard to get rid of it. I’m allergic to its pollen.

  3. Ken is correct. The Scotch broom is very, very invasive and is found all over central California. People here hate it. It\\\’s almost impossible to exterminate…there\\\’s some in my back garden now. However, the Genista (could this be the French genet(?) is not invasive, looks almost exactly like the broom and is planted by landscape gardeners around here. Go figure.

  4. I grew up next to a field of red poppies and they are my sentimental favorites (along with the Magnolia tree and lillies of the valley!).In the States we have some orange ones, but it’s not the same…
    The pictures are breathtaking and the poppy ones would make Georgia O’Keefe proud 😉

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