Favorite Sign of Spring

 I love daffodils and I love iris as well as the grenet that blooms in yellow when Spring arrives but I have to say that the red poppy brings me the most joy. Something about red flowers growing wild in a field just gives me a lift of spirits. I learned what they looked like when first sprouting from the ground and didn’t pull them up in my vigil to get rid of weeds so now I have them blooming all over my yard as well.


We went out Sunday to get a few things at the market in Ansouis and saw this profusion of poppies along the road and in the distance.


 A closeup


 This glass of rose looks a little poppy like against the blue sky. I love rose too-a great thing to drink cold on a hot day.

14 thoughts to “Favorite Sign of Spring”

  1. These grow wild as well where I used to live in the Arizona desert. The Papago Indian reservation is a sea of poppies — but a different colour of yellow-orange. We have pictures of my daughter, as a child, barely visible standing in the profusion of flowers that extends over hundreds of acres. No garden like God’s garden.

  2. Gorgeous photos Linda! The colors are glorious. Looks like the weather will be warming up by the time we arrive.
    See you soon!

  3. Wow! I’ve never seen this in AZ, as one of the above posters mentioned. I’ve missed out on a lot.

    What beautiful landscaping. It takes your breath away.

  4. If you want to see popppies in Arizona, the Papago Reservation area below Kitt Peak Observatory blooms every year with hundreds of acres of poppies and thousands of saguaro cactus blossoms. Later in the Summer, the Papago Indians harvest the saguaro fruit for drinking and cooking. I haven\’t been since the 1990s. So, if you are inspired to go, I\’d just check with Pima County authorities ahead of time whether it\’s still OK to drive into this part of the Papago land.

  5. Oh, thank you so much for posting these. I part time live in Ansouis and regretted not taking pictures last week of all the poppies — they are so nice..

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