Roadside Shrines

 Many Catholic countries-at least Catholic in times past-have shrines in many places, often outside villages or, as I often see, built outside chateaux. I imagine them being built with a prayer that the lives of those inside the chateau will be blessed. In any case, I am always on the outlook for them.


 This one is Mary. The shrine is right outside of the main entry gates of a chateau a short walk behind our house. It is hard to see anymore as vegetation has grown up around it. The chateau itself is starting to crumble in places although people do still live there. I’d love to have a tour inside, being the noisy person that I am.


 We pass this shrine every time we head down to the “big city” of Pertruis for groceries or just to la Tour d’Aigues to the pharmacy or for bread. I’ve always looked at it and wondered at its history. To the right and into the trees a little is another chateau. This shrine is built of honey colored stone that looks wonderful as the sun is setting, as it is in this photo. They shrine was getting in bad repair and overgrown with bushes but one day the bushes were all cleared away and a man started working on the low wall around it.


 And here is what is inside. Not a statue but a painting of Saint Joseph. I wonder why he was picked as the saint? He’s holding what looks like lillies, a sign of purity often seen with Mary. The chateau is called Pradine and it is near Grambois as seen in the writing. Another mystery from times past.

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  1. I’ve been so busy with being ill and taking care of the Caring Bloggers Rose Day. I have missed alot here, but now I love catching up.

    These shrines are lovely. Norway is a Lutheran country, so we have very few of these religious signs here. I love to find them when I go to Italy. I am making a sanctuary in my backyard. Will not put in a shrine, but may be another sign to show my belief.

  2. Ooops, my comment above was meant to go on the Happy Mother’s Day blog but I guess this one will do although flowers and window boxes are far more my thing. I use Blogger where the comment links go at the bottom of the article not the top.

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