17 thoughts to “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. You take some breathtaking photos.
    I love the inviting windows and the flowers are so lovely.
    Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. Linda,
    The doors and windows that you photograph are my favorites. You certainly capture the ambiance of Provence! Hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day.

  3. These are wonderful shots. The first one is my favorite!

    Have a wonderful Mothers Day. I know the kids can’t be with you so I hope M takes you some place very special.

  4. I’m thinking of using that blue on the front door of Riverside. Dunno tho. I just love it but don’t know how well it would go with the rest of the house. Oh hell, who cares, right? Happy Mother’s Day! (Even though it’s already over there…..sorry.)

  5. Linda,

    The doors, windows and surrounding flowers are “picture perfect”. Thanks for sharing these. It’s hard to believe sometimes that there really are magnificent places like these. Hope your Mother’s Day was special.

  6. Linda, these are absolutely beautiful…I love that coral wall with the gated window and cascading foliage. So pretty!

    Happy Mother’s Day…or are you celebrating the Frenchie Mother’s Day? (I think it’s like a week away?)

  7. Great shots – my favourite is the 3rd one – it’s those front steps – they look totally impractical but oh so pretty. There’s front door steps and then there’s front door steps!

  8. Sorry you could not be with your kids on Mother’s Day, but I hope you connected somehow…
    I cannot say these photos are my favorite because I love all of yours, but they are at the top 😉
    So, when your book comes out, will it be peppered with your own pictures? I hope so…

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