Brochante Beauties

 This Sunday Maurice and I went to a brochante in a village called Jouques, not too far from us. We were hoping to find a piece of furniture that we need for our dining room but this brochante-professionals selling mostly antiques-had very few things of interest. Still, it was fun to get out and explore a village new to us.


 One of the things I collect is enamelware, mainly because it is affordable. I like to find unusual pieces which all of these are but I’m trying not to buy “stuff”, especially small stuff but save my money for furniture and rugs.


 Old fashioned coffee grinders


 As you can see by this closeup, this coffee grinder is made by Peugeot. They started business in this way and gradually moved up to making cars. You can buy very fancy, and expensive, pepper and salt grinders in their fancy store on the Champs Elysees in Paris.


 I’m always drawn to these colorful spritzer bottles.

7 thoughts to “Brochante Beauties”

  1. Oooh, I love the enamelware! Limiting stuff-purchasing would be hard if I was let loose in a market like this! I like the little squat orange enamel pot the best. Good luck finding ‘big’ things for your dining room!

  2. I did not know that about Peugeot! From coffee grinders to cars – well, that sounds like a natural progression to me 😉

    As much as I love brocantes for browsing, I am at the stage of simplyfing my life, and nothing gives me more pleasure than cleaning out my own basement and garage!

    Hope you find the DR furniture before the “big party”!

  3. Linda, can you send me an email with the location of this “brochante”?! I LOVE those bottles and maybe we could find some nice, low-cost, classic pieces to make our apartment warmer and more inviting! :0)

    Oh, and what does “brochante” mean? It’s not in my dictionary… :0(

  4. Looks like fun! I love the seltzer bottles (and I collect the aqua ones). Sorry I have been remiss in visiting – too many things going on these days!

  5. All as beautiful as I imagined Provence to be. Our friend have a farm in La Vienne area and their hamlet is 5 homes and that is it. 3 Miles to anything else. I have a link for them on the side bar my blog. French Wine Holidays. Your photos remind me of our wonderful time there. Thanks

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