A Last Glimpse

 I think we are at the end of the beauty provided by the poppies. We’ve had several days of hard Mega Mistral winds and today it was in the 80’s. I quickly went up behind our village to see if I could find a few more glimpses of red joy.


 Up behind the village is a chateau, much of it crumbling leaving rather poetic endings of its life.


 There is silver-sage wheat growing in a field behind the chateau and poppies are growing in the tracks left by the tractor.


 Poppies among the wheat.


 The late afternoon sun shining through the last of the Spring poppies.

7 thoughts to “A Last Glimpse”

  1. I love the poppies of Provence and it’s so crazy to me that something so beautiful is just growing wild like that. These are BEAUTIFUL pictures, by the way! I love these…

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