Market in Aix

 I was showing a friend around one of the outdoor markets in Aix. We saw:


 Colorful flowers and vegetables for sale


 Piles of green and white asparagus


These colorful strawberries  some of which I bought


 And this display of children’s clothing with the models looking like they are playing hide and seek-these aren’t real children.

 Somewhere around here my wallet was taken out of my purse and we got to spend a delightful three hours reporting it to the police. I was really surprised this happened in Aix. I don’t know why. I won’t be using my backpack purse anymore. I bought a new purse yesterday, one of those that go over one shoulder and that you can hold next to your body.

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  1. I always have a purse like the new one you bought for when I travel. I am on my way to England in half an hour. We are renovation our master bedroom right how, and I had to turn our house upside down to find my purse 🙂

  2. I love that picture of the “kids” playing hide and seek!

    And how terrible that someone stole your wallet – I hope you didn’t lose anything important in it. I can’t imagine what I’d do if someone stole my bank card, carte de séjour, drivers license, etc!

  3. Your photos are lovely! Please mail me some of the white asparagus (ha). Sorry to hear about your wallet. That’s such a sick feeling.

  4. That’s horrible that someone stole all of that…I seriously never use backpack style handbags, but it’s interesting that in almost all cases, when I hear of wallets being stolen from women, they seem to all have been carrying the same style handbag. :0(

    Thank you for this…this is a lesson for me to be vigilant, even in the sud. You just never know where these jerks are…they’re everywhere.

    I don’t know if this works for the size of you documents, but my hairstylist keeps all of her important cards and a bit of money in one of those slim business card cases and she pops that in her pocket when she goes out. I’m thinking of getting one of those, and I can just use my handbags for books, bottled water, etc. That way, my important cards are always on my purse…I’m just wondering, would that work for France? I’m assuming the driver’s license, etc, are probably a different size out there? :0l

  5. Oh dear! and after what looked like such a lovely day. A friend of mine was putting her shopping into her car, and someone came up behind her and grabbed her purse! She said she “went into overdrive” and pulled on it, screaming like a banshee. He had an accomplish in a car, waiting for him. He sped away, she kept her purse, but she did end up with a broken finger!!

  6. How horrible to have someone do that to you! Especially after what looked like a wonderful day. Your pictures are beautiful! I especially love the kiddies–what a clever marketing concept. I also loved the strawberries–they look delicious. (Our season is passed here in Florida.) 🙁

  7. Those strawberries look divine. I’ve been craving strawberries like mad lately, which Christophe said in France if a woman is craving strawberries it means she’s pregnant! Let’s hope not! (It would have to be an immaculate conception as I haven’t seen him since January!).

  8. Gorgeous photos and I love that children’s display.

    So sorry about the theft though – losing your important stuff is way way worse than just losing money! I had 80 pounds stolen from me 2 weeks ago and it was horrible – because it was done by one of my students – don’t know which one, but hell at least it was just money.

  9. Sorry to hear about your purse being snatched. I think that is something that can happen anywhere busy these days. It’s a shame.
    I do love French markets though. The produce always seems so fresh and the fruit actually ripe and ready to eat. The cut flowers are also far better than what we get over here. English markets are dreadful places full of cheap rubbish and vendors that want to call you ‘Love’ or ‘Darling’ as if it was you name.

  10. That’s awful about the theft of your wallet. I’ve always wondered about those backpack handbags—they look so vulnerable. I guess they are. I’m glad you’ve kept your good humor and good photo eye in spite of it all!

  11. Linda, The bag I had in December was one like you describe. It was over the shoulder so I could carry it to the front. Bought it from a catalogue either Magellan or Travel Smith. Magelllan I think, and it has a steel cord in the strap so it can;t be cut. So sorry for your plight.

    We love the great pictures…..always a treat.

    Doris and Bill

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