There is a charming little village up in the mountains behind us called Saignon. It seems to be a haven of little B&B places and has several restaurants. Lavander can be seen blooming in the valleys below and there is an unusual stack of rocks called a rouche which has had some sort of habitation on top for centuries. I, personally, like the windows and doors.


I take a picture of this window each time I’m there-I think I just recently posted an old photo that I had of it.


 Aging gracefully


 Sophisticated and elegant


 I love this pink rose against the fading white shutter


 My favorite fountain in front of the Auberge de Presbetyre

13 thoughts to “Saignon”

  1. Those provencal colors are just so beautiful—those textures, too. I love your fountain (but of course I would!)

  2. These are charming photos. You really ought try and get on to flickr again and upload them. Then you could get loads of praise from other photographer.

  3. Oh, I too adore these colorful shots! Really nice job, Linda. I would love to get away from Paris for a bit and spend some time down there in Provence… We all need a break like that sometimes!

  4. You really have an eye for capturing special details in your photos. Really like the rose against the shutter. In fact the whole series of doors, shutters, windows is lovely.

    Doris and Bill

    Will the police follow up on your wallet and report to you?

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