A Few Photos of Aix

 So far Aix is my favorite city in Provence, despite getting my wallet stolen there. Many of the buildings have been built with golden stone, the streets are cobbled and there are always interesting doors, windows and courtyards to see.


 These windows are above a shop called the Dreaming Cat. Why there is a goat in the window, I have no idea. Once they had a giraffe up there too.


 A lock on a door leading to the country of Alice in Wonderland, I’m guessing. Bet the key is heavy.


A fascinating door on the beautiful Cours Mirabeau which is lined with plane trees with the balcony being held up by two suffering men.


 They always look like they have a headache to me.


 Many corners of building have statues of saints or Mary high up overhead giving you a feeling of being looked after.


 Another fountain that I like-Aix is full of them-but I have trouble getting a good photo as there is renovation going on all around it.

10 thoughts to “A Few Photos of Aix”

  1. I dream of having a camera that can take such marvellous photos…next time I see a photo blog contest I am submitting yours.

  2. Aix is our favorite city in Provence too – loved these photos of some of our most-loved places!
    Thanks, Linda

  3. First time at your blog. We get to Aix from Virginia as often as we can. I’m glad for the long overdue restoration of Place Albertas. Where’d you find that magnificent lock?

  4. Love your photos of the windows and doors. I think an affection of them is healthy–it speaks of curiosity, openess, opportunity. ok, enough kitchen psychology, suffice it to say you could sell lots of prints.

  5. OK, I have to come clean – we drove to Aix one week-end (marché day), could not find a place to park and left…I feel so stupid now, seeing your great photos!
    About the cat – maybe he’s dreaming of being a donkey or giraffe 😉
    About the fountain – I was going to compliment you on the unusual angle of the photo before I read your explanation!
    So this just proves – you cannot take a bad photo 😉

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