Just A Few More

 I honestly do take photos of more things than doors and windows but lately I seem to be stuck in a rut. Like most Americans I am charmed by the shutters and flowers, that European feel. Anyway, here’s just a few more.


 There’s nothing more appealing than roses tumbling around a window.


I love this planter. I think I looked at one once to buy but it was too expensive but this makes want to buy one anyway.


 I’m betting that the person who did this is in love and a romantic to boot.


 See, everything isn’t perfect. In fact, I took this photo in Lourmarin which is almost Disneyland perfect, very well maintained and home to some wealthy people. This door makes me wonder if there is a termite problem in Provence.

10 thoughts to “Just A Few More”

  1. That first photo is de-vine.
    I love a rambling rose – especially a yellow one.
    What is that boxy thing with the yellowy thing inside it, in the second photo?
    The door in the last photo looks like it is wearing a neck tie.

  2. It’s fun seeing which images we both captured although in slightly different ways. I’ve got that one with the blue shutters and stencilled heart, and the one before it with the flower planter. We really did go window-crazy, huh?

  3. I’m with your other poster, if this is a rut, then I’m glad you’re in it.

    This photos take me away on a trip. So wonderful to weave stories in my head.

    Who lives there. What is their story. Who do they love? Were those hearts meant for a “special someone” ?

    I cannot begin to thank you enough for your contribution to my sanity! I rush into the office extra early every workday so that I can log on to see where in the world you’ll take me !!!!

    Thank you !

  4. EEgads! I’ve never seen a door in such disrepair. Termites? If that’s what damaged that door, better watch behind you whenever there is wood around.

    Meilleurs voeux!!

  5. I too am a lover for shutters and vines, I love going into villages where all the shutters are painted blue or yellow, its so simple but so lovely.

  6. Linda, love these. Just keep on with the flowers, shutters, windows. You really capture them beautifully.

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