A Special Garden

 I’ve posted photos before of this garden but, as I always return once or twice a year, I am always taking more. It is in a winery called Val Joanis not far from Pertuis.


 Roses are blooming everywhere


Don’t these pink roses look great against the grey green bushes?


 They could have left the poles that they are training pear trees to grow on plain but they topped them with these cute little things.


 These aren’t real birds


 This little birdhouse has been there a long time. I think bark mustn’t make a good roof-it gets curly.

8 thoughts to “A Special Garden”

  1. I was thinking about your snails and remembered why I like living in an apartment. But your photos remind me of how much I love the countryside. Arrrghh. I just gotta go back to trying to earn money so I can have both.

  2. A lovely place.
    It is late night here, and I am sitting at a hotel room in Bodø, north of the Artic circle, reading about English gardens 🙂
    Later I plan to go out to watch the midnight sun.

  3. Are you me!? Am I you? Wait, alas, I don’t live in France. But clearly we’re twins separated at birth as we take photos of the same things. I’m loving all your photos of walls and windows. I’ve been in an old wall obsession lately (on my studio blog – http://laumesstudio.blogspot.com) and tried to take wall photos of our small town the other day that looked like they might be in some small European village.

    Hubby just came home so I gotta run now, but I’ll be back to read more. Glad I stumbled upon your blog.

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