Richard Lenoir Market

The largest market in Paris is on Richard Lenoir which stretches out from Place de la Bastille for blocks. It is always packed with people-on Thursdays and Sundays-and tourists and photographers alike are amazed and delighted.


A view of Bastille from the middle of the market


Scallops for sale. This variety has that orange “foot” that is always cooked along with the white part. I don’t like the texture of it so usually leave it behind on my plate.


Getting ready for Easter


I’ve never tried pig’s feet but since I like pork so much, I’m thinking they might be good. They were also selling pig’s snouts. Hmm.

(These photos and writing were also done in April in case you were wondering about the Easter eggs.)

9 thoughts to “Richard Lenoir Market”

  1. That photo of the pig’s feet had me riveted. They look like little deformed babies feet and I cannot imagine eating them. Even if it is just pork, the thought is nauseating.

  2. I have to say, I’m with Wendz on the pig’s feet. They might taste fine but I can’t bring myself to eat anything that looks like the original animal. I do eat meat but don’t really like thinking about where it comes from. I tend to prefer the “anonymity” of finding my meet under plastic wrap in the supermarket to seeing it in the butcher’s case. When I cruise the outdoor markets here I have to turn away from the chickens and rabbits with their heads still on. I just can’t look.

  3. oh, I love the markets in France. There are so many wonderful things to buy and see. Pig’s feet not being one of them..(!)

    I love visiting here, it’s sort of like being in France again. Thanks for all the great posts and photos.

  4. I also found this market less expensive than most in Paris!

    Well, I’ve tried a ham hock, but I’ll pass on the piggies πŸ˜‰

    (Tried your quiche recipe recently – substituted goat cheese with feta – it was fabulous! Thanks!)

  5. OMG, pigs’ feet horrify me. Blech! Ms. Glaze has an instructional video online for making delish scallops.

    Will you be back in the sud in July? :0)

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