Cows in Paris


 I don’t know why but sometimes you start seeing the same things around Paris. In shops, for a while and it still continues, there were chickens. The last year or so I have seen lots of images of cows in Paris. I’m wondering if it started with that series of decorated cows in Chicago which became madly popular but, in any case, I have found quite a few photos of them saved up.


 These cows were in front of a store near the Pompidou Museum that sold nothing but objects having to do with cows-plates, cups, aprons, you name it.


Last year they even did the same thing in Paris that was done in Chicago and had cows decorated by famous designers and stores all over Paris. My favorite was a cow whose horns were made out of a giant croissant. I never had my camera with me when I saw it.


 I saw this cow in the Marais


 I have no idea why they had this row of cows up there on top of a building. I just happened to spot them while walking in Vincennes, a suburb of Paris. It’s fun when you happen to spot somthing quirky that makes you smile.

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  1. Great collection of cow photos. I believe that the second one is part of a travelling exhibition of cows that has been going around the world for several years now. Last year I saw a whole bunch outside the Opera in Paris.
    There was also a funny article in the paper about some guy who stole one as a gift for someone and then returned it a few days later..something odd like that..

  2. So you did have some cows in the archives !!!

    My husband just finished making a hall tree that I am painting with cactus and a cow. I’ll post it to you when I finish it up. I know it sounds quirky, but we like it and think it will sell.

    I especially like the line-up on the roof. HA!

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