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 I found an interesting article-actually a photo essay from Time- posted on a food blog the other day. I can’t remember the blog now. Sometimes you start roaming around going from a link on one blog to another and can’t remember where you visited-I could spend hours doing that. 

 What the World Eats | Photo Essays | TIME

 Anyway, the photo essay is photos of a families in 14 different countries (two families are from the States) and what they eat in one week. Except for really poor countries like Chad and Ecuador, there are masses of processed food and lots of bottled drinks.


I wish they had included a photo of a French family. I wonder if the French eat less processed food? Supposedly they are healthier and thinner than most. If you go in a grocery store you see alot of it-processed food- with hundreds of kinds of yogurt, frozen pizzas, boxes of cookies, canned veggies. I guess the whole world enjoys an easier way of trying to put together a meal.


 I like to think I eat healthier here in France than I did in the States. I do have much more in the way of fruits and vegetables. I eat more cheese, I drink more wine. I’ts nice to open a can of peas when I am stumped about what to fix to go with those pork chops but some fresh zucchini sliced in circles and fried up with onions and tomatoes sure tastes better.


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  1. Recently my husband and I decided to cut out the carbs and the processed foods. Oh my, we skip over 98% of the grocery store aisles. Amazing.

    I’ve not kept a garden for over 20 years, until now. We are having a blast watching the veggies grow. My husband calls them “the kids”. I expect we will wake up one morning to find our house smothered in zuchini, pumpkins, tomatoes and New Mexico green chilis.

    I enjoyed your post today. Food is such an interesting aspect of any culture or family (which is a sub-culture I guess).

    See you tomorrow !!

  2. I’m a frequent reader, but I haven’t commented yet….and today I just had to. I am SO interested in what other families in other countries eat! (a little food obsessed, I am) I am really surprised at the amount of processed food eaten in so many countries…
    Thank you for that link!

  3. I’ve seen that TIME photo essay & it sparked a very intreresting email conversation between my brother & I. Indeed, all the processed foods were mind boggling!!! And the bottles of soda — yikes!!! And we wonder why spoiled Americans are so overweight…??!?!?!?
    I just love your eye for photos, & especially appreciate your photo of the market & all its colors. And kudos to you for attempting quiche & getting even rave French reviews!

  4. I read the same information about what families eat around the world. It was in the “Newsweek” magazine. They had, I think, 5 photos shown of different families. The amount of soda pop that was pictured was shocking even to this American.

  5. Linda, I definitely think I’ve started eating healthier overall since I moved to France… And it’s funny, every time I head back home to the U.S. to visit, I always find that I eat far too much junk food while I’m there. And yet, I know my mom is a good cook and very conscious of healthy foods as she is a nurse. But being at home is sort of a vacation for me, and I know that anytime we’re on vacation, we tend to eat fast-type food in general. But here in France, I try to shop at the local market and to eat more vegetables, like zucchini and tomatoes, just like you said! I’m learning new ways to cook things like that all the time, too, so here’s hoping I’ll continue in the healthy direction.

    The only thing is, I do have a weakness for real butter, but I honestly don’t necessarily think it’s worse to use real butter as opposed to margarine, if it’s used in moderation… Something to ponder!

  6. Oh, that famous French food presentation…Irresistable!

    Thanks for that link – absolutely fascinating! Was amazed at how much the Germans spend on food, I don’t think it would be the same in France, would it? (over $500 a week).
    And what the heck are mayonnaise sandwiches (UK)?
    But you can’t help noticing the Equadorian family, living on limited food but the happiest of all the ones pictured! Food for thought?

  7. I make myself eat more vegetables and fruit, but dang, it isn\’t easy. Especially here in America–you have to make a concentrated effort. We have to have win the prize for the country with the most junk-convenience-sodas-processed stuff. Thanks for the link, I\’m going to go and read it now.

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