Menerbes is a village made famous by the book by Peter Mayle called A Year in Provence. He lived somewhere nearby, eventually moved to the States and then came back and now lives somewhere near Lourmarin although he keeps it quieter not wanting tourists to drop in at his house unannounced. In any case, I’ve never thought there was too much of interest to see in Menerbes but the area up at the top is nice and there is a great view in the valley below.


 The bell tower of a church. The tops have to be open with the rod iron structure or the mistral can blow it right off.


 This is at the top near the Mairie-very noble looking.


 I don’t know if you can tell by this photo but there was a field of wheat down below and as the wind blew over it it looked like water moving to me.


 Someone’s humble home.


There was a Deux Chevaux car there. It is an old car no longer made with 2 horse power-not alot of power but they sure are cute. This one was in fabulous condition and the owner had put two little horse heads on the hood.


It certainly is!

8 thoughts to “Menerbes”

  1. Those horses got my attention. I imagine a tiny car with the two of them mounted on the hood but a short and quite stout man with a bigger than average ego……….if I were a writer this would make a good short story. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. I liked A Year in Provence and also his A Dog’s Life, but I couldn’t have told you (if asked) of a town named Menerbes. So much for my reading retention. That second photo is so beautiful, I love the view.

  3. Hmmm, I may need to print your La Vie est Belle! photo and post it up on my bulletin board. You know… “The Secret”…

    The wheat photo was very cool!

  4. Terrific photos, Linda! I think the blowing wheat turned out great. The dark clouds and blue skies really illustrate that day.

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