Ruined Chateau


 In a village near us is a ruined chateau. The village is called la Tour d’Aigues. Tour is the word for tower. I assume there was once here but it is now gone. Aigues is an from the old Occitan language meaning water. Several towns in this region have Aigues in the name as there are in the “valley of water”. As I’ve said before (I am starting to repeat myself after a few years here in my blogging) I saw an old print of the chateau and it was magnificant. The damage was done during the revolution as the Revolution wasn’t just confined to Paris. It’s such a shame, destroying beautiful buildings like that-still being done today. In any case, I always enjoy looking at this castle as we drive by to our house. In the evenings, in the late sunlight, it glows with a golden hue.


Closeup of the angels on the chimney. During the summers they have concerts inside. We attended one and it was lovely sitting there looking at the old stones and towers which they lit up with colored lights.


 The architect was Italian. There are delicate little touches all over the building with stars, flowers and angels.

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  1. And even beyond the beauty of this haunting remnant of a lovely old building — regardez that glorious sky! I’m so jealous of Provence residents.

    In contrast, here were are in Edinburgh, Scotland. Rain, rain, more rain and just when you thought it was impossible — rain.

    Linda, besides your talents as a photographer, you restore my faith in the weather and its possibility to be uplifting.

  2. Hello there

    Thanks for publishing the photos of the ruined chateau. I am writing a book about ruined buildings in France which will be published in 2009 and am keen to know more about your chateau and to ask you if you know of any other damaged, ruined, deserted buildings in your locality, chateaux, houses, commercial buildings, etc


    Simon O’Corra

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