Palais Royal Surprise

 You never know what you will see as you enter the Palais Royal in Paris. Usually it is something like this:


It’s always an active place full of people enjoying the sun or the columns.

 One day I came upon this:


 There was a photographer there taking photos of this girl. I think it was for advertisement for a dancing class.


 Doesn’t she have a lovely smile?




There was also this girl in her toe shoes.

 I took these photos about a month ago. I, myself, am in Provence doing the snail stomp, pulling weeds, just the normal things you have to do to keep a yard going. We voted this weekend but our guy lost by a small margin. Maurice was happy that it was close so it gave ol’ Sarkosy a scare-he doesn’t have as many as he hoped to back him in the legislature. We got the leak in the swimming pool fixed but they did a majorly crummy job on repairing the plaster so now Maurice wants to cover it with tile. He actually was going to have it done next month but I think I talked him out of it. We would empty the pool and then they wouldn’t show up-very typical and Peter Mayle like. So I’m hoping Maurice will hold out until Autumn when it will be too cold to swim. Water is very expensive here and I hate to fill the pool twice in one season.

6 thoughts to “Palais Royal Surprise”

  1. A tiled pool? Lovely! I once saw a pool in New Orleans with black and dark green tiles. It created a stunning effect…

  2. I remember those big silver balls/globes.

    In 1999, my husband and I spent 8 lovely days in Paris. For our 40 Wedding Ann., he had given me {us} Springtime in Paris. 🙂


  3. Oh, boy! I’m grinning ear to ear remembering Peter Mayle’s contractor woes 😉
    Your are right, I would wait for the end of the season.
    How are your big party/bbq preparations going?

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