They’re Here!

 You know summer is here when you finally hear the “song” of the cigale, that locust-like insect chirping like crazy to attract a mate. It isn’t quite summer yet but I heard my first cigale yesterday. It was singing solo, probably feeling a little lonely, hoping to find a date before the crowd arrives. Sometimes the noise of the cigales can get really irritating because they really do make a racket but the first one is a different story.


 On a walk the other day I passed a wheat field that certainly looks ripe to me but what do I know?


A few weeks ago this field was not only a sage green but also had bright red poppies in the tractor tracks.


Here is the wheat field from up above. The road you see curving below is one I take when I make my daily trek up the mountain to burn some calories. The buildings in the back are “my” village. The buildings across the road from the field belong to the sheep herd owners. They grow the wheat and then harvest it for food for the sheep. The vineyards next to the wheat are owned by the mayor. He has olive trees too.


 These baby grapes don’t look like much yet but they will be used for wine in a few months.


 A rather elegant looking curtain on a door in the village. I think they probably untie it during the day to keep out flies.


 The rather humble hollyhock. I have a couple growing wild in my yard and one I planted myself-from seed. For what is supposedly a weed, I had a horrible time getting them to grow and bloom. I have happy memories of them from my childhood.

13 thoughts to “They’re Here!”

  1. How great to see a familiar scene with the changing seasons! And what a pretty “screen door”… maybe that’s the purpose for all those pretty lacy provençal curtains you tend to seen in windows everywhere. Too bad I don’t have those in my apartment here in Paris; I keep waiting for a pigeon to take a wrong turn and perch himself on my television.

  2. Oh Linda, I LOVE these photos… Just gorgeous, and so evocative of your region down there in Provence. How I would love to spend some time there.

  3. As a kid I loved hollyhocks too. They grow wild here in New Mexico. I can’t seem to keep them out of my yard, and if I leave them to grow they “TAKE OVER”.

    I loved the pictures of your neighborhood ~ *sigh* makes me want to pack my bags and hop on a plane. Mine is not nearly as nice but I do have a killer view of Sandia Peak to the east of Albuquerque.

  4. Yes, you’re right – the hollyhocks are rather old-fashion, aren’t they. I remember them growing wild in my childhood garden as well..

    What an idyllic place to live! Seems like a charmed life 😉

    (Do you have a dog to join you on those power walks? You should!)

  5. My Hollyhocks all but disappeared this year. Not a one came up in their usual spot, but i have 2 or 3 that are in a totally different spot in the courtyard garden. Perhaps I planted them last year? A great loss to me, as i love their old-fashioned look.

  6. The view of your village – breathtaking! and like most everyone else, I’m charmed by the lace curtain in the doorway.. 🙂

  7. Baby grapes! I’d never given it any thought as to how they would look, but there they are, how cute. Your photos are so awesome.

  8. The cigales haven’t started in our neck of the woods…it has rained too much! Usually they are in full force, but this is an odd year.
    Aren’t the holyhocks beautiful! i love how they line the roadsides!

  9. Linda the photo of you village! I just want to walk there. I guess you know that you stillhave no link from your comments.
    Thanks for visiting me again. I have postedlots of photos today of what is left in my garden after the rain.
    Wimbledon is so often affected by rain even though June can be a gorgious month. Hope you are enjoying it anyhow.

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