The Magic of the Internet


 Blogging has been driving me crazy these days. At least, trying to leave messages on other people’s blogs has become a real challenge. I’m not sure if it is my computer and Windows,which seems to always be updating its security or not, but every time I try to leave a message on a blog a signal comes up not once, but twice saying “Are you sure you want to go here? Security issues, etc.”. I always say yes. If I am going to post a comment on Blogger, at least once a day I have to totally sign in again with the same information they ask for each time. If it is Typepad, I sign in and it says it is good for two weeks but it is usually each day. Why, I don’t know. I’m wondering if it is because I am writing from France. Isn’t it amazing that computer systems pick this up? I am often given comments and warning in French too. AOL has started making my home page all French language and French news even though I have never requested this.


 Anyway, I was commenting the other day to a friend that the Internet has led to many amazing things, even rather mystical things. First of all, blogging has become an incredible way to connect with people all over the world but it has also, in my case, led to some almost magical, serendipitous happenings. As my friend says, there are no coincidences, no accidents. And she does count the Internet as something mystical. As she said, it is pure energy and our lives are all about energy anyway. It’s funny to think about it like that but I think I will believe it.


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  1. I agree with your friend….there are no coincidences, no accidents…and yeah the internet is pure energy. It boggles my mind.

    I also get all sorts of security warnings, but only if I use IE – I have switched to Firefox because it just remembers all my details and never gives me those irritating security warnings.

  2. Beautiful! That red . . .

    I agree about the Internet, especially blogging. I was just commenting on someone’s blog about connecting with others; rather than isolating, the blog is embracing. Although most the people I know is “real life” barely know what a blog is!

    Connecting on Blogger: sometimes I’m not recognized and have to do the whole sign-in thing, but that is rare, even though I’m in Blogger and quite a few are Typepad. I have a Mac and go through Safari. I wonder if that makes a difference?

  3. I can’t believe I just spent 20 minutes writing a comment to your post for today and now it has disappeared. DAMN !

    Long story short ~ keep blogging, you warm my soul each and every day.

  4. I have never trusted AOL myself. Twice I talked myself into using them for one reason or another and had nothing but problems with them. I also never use IE, I use Mozilla. IE is extremely open to virus and other unhealthy behavior whereas Mozilla (Firefox) is very safe. Since I have switched over to using them my spyware and virus problems have dropped down to almost nil. I agree with you on the internet. It has opened my whole life up. If it wasnt for the internet I would never have met my hubby-to-be. We met through a friend who knew he was traveling to the US and needed travel advice and knew that I had traveled all over the US. I talked to him for months over the net before he ever stepped foot on US soil.Last thing I was looking for was this, but Im not regretting the decisions I made. I have met so many wonderful people and went through so many experiences because of the net…and because of it I will be able to stay connected to my family while I live in France. Thanks for the interesting post…but then I look forward to looking at your blog every day. You are one of my favorites 😉

  5. Hi Linda
    I have heard using AOL can make blogging and leaving comments more difficult. I have sometimes encounter that due to the fact I use AOL. For example the print on your comment section is very small, unreadable to me because I use AOL.

    Regarding no chances…and what your friend said about the internet…I so agree with that. Pure energy.

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