I wasn’t able to be in the States to attend this wedding but my granddaugher, Ella, was. I just have to post these photos as all of the little girls in the wedding were dressed as little angels or fairies. It was a huge wedding with 12 bridesmaids. Even Bevo, the mascot of the University of Texas, was there, but not as a member of the wedding party, as the groom was one of the team who run the steer out at UT football games.


Here they come


Here’s Ella looking a Bevo. She reports that he went poo poo.


They don’t get much more precious than this but I have to say she looks hot. It was outdoors in Texas, not a cool place in June.


This makes me want to book the next flight to Texas.

13 thoughts to “Angels”

  1. Dear Linda,
    Simply amazing. This is the perfect wedding theme and your granddaughter couldn’t be more fairy-like. She is adorable and so beautiful as to be “unreal.” No wonder you are pining for Texas!

  2. I can’t stand it! She looks so huggable!
    Now I understand why you long for a place in Texas…
    I hope there’ll be many more occasions for her to dress up, while you’re there to witness it and enjoy!

  3. Such an adorable little cherub! I just want to hug her to pieces. (I love the photo from the back too.) How I longed for a granddaughter but I got all boys. I love them dearly but…

  4. Dear Linda,
    Ella’s just adorable…those curls, that filmy chiffon dress with the bow and the fairies wings….oh my gosh. What a doll.

    You need your own 8×10 photo of her (maybe a whole album) to get you thru until the fall.

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