My Apron

 I’m doing this for a blog called: Lucullian Delights at

 She is having people post on their blogs about their aprons. I had a favorite apron that somehow got left in Texas, I think. A friend, fortunately, gave me an apron as a gift from her annual trip to Teluride for the film festival. I use it when I am barbequeing as it can make an unholy mess on my clothes. Nothing prevents my clothing from smelling like smoke, however.


Here is a full size view of my apron




 And here is a closeup view. I’m almost afraid to wash it as I don’t know what will happen. I’m just glad all of this grease didn’t end up on my clothes. I have a barbeque coming up for over 20 French guests. I will be wearing this apron as I man my grill.

4 thoughts to “My Apron”

  1. Thank you for participating! I have to say that you really don\’t dirty yourself that much, mine get dirty in 5 minutes. maybe it\’s because I really use the apron as a kitchen towel as well but anyway, what a cleanie you are! Good luck with the party!

  2. Oh, Linda. Telluride? I can’t even believe it! It’s such a cool place…have you ever been there? Now that we are back in Boulder, I hope that I’ll get there again. And all those stains just look yummy to me…hope you’ll enjoy wearing it for the big BBQ event coming up!

    Meilleurs voeux!!

  3. I lived and worked there for three years. Beautiful place but the winters are not for the faint of heart.

    Dang, I think I missed the apron event…..and I have a fun apron !!!!!!!!!!!!

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