My Garden

 If you aren’t into gardening photographs of vegetables aren’t going to be exciting. And I bet I won’t be getting a bunch of hits from a porno site like I did when I mentioned a feminine condition but, oh well. I wasn’t too keen to plant a vegetable garden at first because they can be alot of work but Maurice talked me into it two years ago and I have to say that tomatoes fresh out of the garden are one of life’s greatest joys.


 I look at them every day waiting for the first red one.


My first bell pepper.


 Some baby zucchini. I have some eggplant planted as well so I have the fixings for ratatouille when everything gets ripe.


A fat fuzzy bee on my lavender.



Just a couple of shots of my very own personal lavender. It’s great to walk outside and watch the bees and butterflies do their thing. I can hear all sorts of buzzing going on as I stand there listening to a whole little world going on in my backyard.

8 thoughts to “My Garden”

  1. Oh, the lavendar’s out! Must be gorgeous driving around the Luberon seeing all that purple haze everywhere now. And the veggies are looking great!

  2. Oh, boy! Just wrote you a comment and it disappeared again! Grrr…

    Aren’t you glad Maurice talked you into it?
    Making ratatoulli whenever the mood strikes…

    Do you have any pests (besides snails) or critters to worry about? Is your potager fenced in? I cannot have any kind of garden in MI because of the deer, rabbits, hedgehogs, etc.

    Is lavender edible? What is the main purpose of growing it (besides the look and the smell ;-))?

  3. Have you ever eaten zucchini flowers?
    They’re delicious, just dip them in batter and fry.

  4. How lucky you are to have such a lovely garden. I would love to have fresh picked tomatoes to eat drizzled with olive oil for dinner and to fall asleep next to a bouquet of hand-picked lavender

  5. There\’s nothing like a garden for joy (and frustration–but that\’s a story for another day!) My lavender is looking pretty scraggly, unlike yours, but at least it was glorious on the wedding day. Your photos are beautiful, as usual, Linda.

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