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 I’m not sure if there have always been sunflowers around Provence but many people expect to see them here. I know that Van Gogh painted them but, as far as I can remember, they were always in a vase in his paintings. Last year I don’t think I saw any fields of sunflowers but this year, to my surprise, I found a huge group of them below a little perched village near us called Grambois. I know they are known for following the sun with their faces and are called tournesols in French. In any case, these flowers stubbornly keep their heads turned toward Grambois no matter where the sun is. When I took these photos the sun was to my right.




I like the sun shinging through the petals. There is a bee in the middle too.


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  1. I think they have been growing them for centuries. The difference now is that the EU controls who grows what when and where so one year you may see loads of sunflower fields and the next few depending on the market.
    They are very beautiful to see growing like this though. Lovely photos, as ever.

  2. Linda, your garden is absolutely lovely and the sunflowers make me feel happy. Actually, I think all flowers make me feel that way…flowers and dogs. :0)

    I’d never even seen a bell pepper before like that…I had to actually SQUINT, because I’d never seen a pepper that wasn’t in a supermarket.

    I thought I was seeing things, for a moment there. :0l

  3. Linda, somebody told me that the sunflowers actually turn AWAY from the sun. I don’t know if it’s true. Do you think that’s what the ones near Grambois were doing?

    We have a lot of fields of sunflowers here in the Loire and Cher Valleys. Farmers rotate them with barley and colza in a three-year cycle, I believe.

  4. Linda, these photos are just spectacular. I agree about a postcard or maybe to sell with your other Cafe Press items – poster, cards, etc. Wow, I’ve never seem fields like those. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Amazing photographs! What is it about sunflowers that elicits such a response? I guess they make us feel so hopeful and happy.

  6. I have been seeing fields of these, too. On another note, I heard there was a good restaurant in Grambois, especially good for Sunday lunch, and they have a small farm that children can visit. Have you heard of it?

  7. Sunflowers spectacular. I stayed with American friends in Germany a few years ago and there were fields just like this at the back of their house.
    Nice garden photos.
    The cake looks delicious.
    Well Romford is North East London so if you do ever get toEngland then do let me know you are coming. I only live 2 miles from the market.

  8. I’m gradually working through your site and have just been through renovations in your journal. My, what a difference you have made. Congrats.

  9. I LOVE the picture with the sun shining through the petals and the bee blending in with the flower. I agree with everyone here… they would make lovely postcards indeed.

    Shoot, your garden pictures would as well. That lavender is absolutely gorgeous.

  10. Oh my gawd………… those sunflowers are so beautiful. Mine are quite high with big fat buds but no blooms yet………I can hardly wait. Next to zinnias, sunflowers are just my favorite flower.

    I’ve been off on holiday, did you miss me??? Ha!

  11. LOVE the sunflowers.. My fav. fleur!! It is just soo amazing to see the champs of flowers growing around France… I love the photos.. Just found your blog!! Leesa

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