A Day in Provence

 My life isn’t all lavender and sunflowers. Somedays all I do is garden, pull weeds, pick snails off of plants, cook and eat–that’s it. But I do have a few photos to share.


One of my favorite views in Aix of the clock tower


 A view of the top of the fountain in the rotund of Aix

 By the way, I have learned two new French words. I want to get some matting for framing photos. We were in a photography shop in Aix and there was a framed photo with matting on the wall. I asked Maurice if he would ask the salesman if they sold them. Neither Maurice or the salesman knew what I was talking about. Maurice had no idea what matting was. I get really frustrated when French people look at me with no idea of what I am talking about. I kept pointing at it and making motions with my hands trying to tell them what I wanted. Finally it sunk in and the salesman told me that it was a passe partout which basically means a passkey that will open all doors which seems really strange to me. Another lady told me that matting is usually called a Marie Louise although she didn’t know why. Because my frustration level got so high and it took so long to finally get someone to understand what I was asking about, it is yet another word/phrase that is now burned into my brain, rather like ovules and champigons. Sigh.


The sky from my backyard as the sun set

6 thoughts to “A Day in Provence”

  1. I am a bit confused. A bit of matting is used as a passkey? Or was there a key on the matting?

    Either way – I get your frustration. Have been there myself and am now a master of describing things if I don’t know the word. Can have quite a bit of fun, actually.

  2. “Passe partout” – remember Jules Verne’s character from Around the World in 80 Days? He was called “Passepartout” – too.

    Did you mean “champignons” or “champions”?

    I am going to get a crash course in French tomorrow… doing the Paris Treasure Hunt in the 6th which you know is going to be all en français. Oh, la la…

  3. Linda, I\’ve been catching up on your and Ken\’s blog lately, especially since I won\’t get to France this year. I don\’t usually post but I really enjoy the photos and commentary. The one of the fountain in Aix is really unique and beautiful. Makes me homesick. Do you or Ken know where the forest fires are? Look forward to reading more on your life in Provence. Bonnie (aka LaSeyne from FF)

  4. When peeved, remember you can always come and look at your magnificent view; that should serve to stave off too much frustation!

    Yes, where are the forest fires; news here said the Riviera, then they mentioned Menerbes, which I wouldn’t consider the Riviera.

  5. The fires are near Antibes which isn’t near me. We did have fires nearby last year but we have had quite a bit of rain so far this year so maybe all will be well. Linda

  6. Now let’s see–gardening, pulling weeds, pick snails, cook and eat–all sounds pretty normal (except maybe the snails)…but where are you doing these normal things? Where? Ah….

    Meilleurs voeux!!

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