You would have been so proud of me this weekend. We had French guests and not only did I understand much of what was being said, I was even able to do a little talking of my own which they acted like they understood.


So maybe the dam has broken, the plug is gone and my French will start pouring forth.


 So I’m doing some entertaining and my house is even clean-I dusted and vacuumed. The lady of this couple visiting us is an actrice and I don’t know if this influences her choice of clothing or not, but anytime I have seen her she is always extremely well dressed. This morning I got up and dressed in some 3 year old cotton pants and a t-shirt and she came downstairs in heels and a black dress made of material shot through with gold thread and with designs on the bodice in sequins. She’s very nice and everytime she sees me she tells me I look like Shirley Maclaine. I don’t see it, of course, except for the red hair and blue eyes. I asked her if she has ever personally met Shirley Maclaine and she said no so I don’t know what she is seeing-maybe some of her personality in movies–the ones where she is old, cranky and taking no prisoners. In fact, I have often been told that I resemble someone. In the past it was Mary Tyler Moore (when I was young and thin), or Sandy Duncan, if you remember her from years ago, when we both had short red hair. I also had a student once tell me I looked exactly like her cousin. She pulled out a photo to show me. I saw no resemblance and, sadly, I thought the girl in the photo was not atractive at all. Anyway, back to my French guest. She is the girlfriend of a long time French guy that Maurice has known for years. They have been together for a couple of years now but they are still using vous with each other. This is the very formal way of saying you in France. Why, I don’t know, but I intend to get the guy alone and ask him. I’m always tripping over my tongue trying not to say tu to French people I’ve just met. I wonder if, in a century or so, the vous will completely disappear.


In any case, I close with this. This is not me, nor anyone that I know. It is just a series of photos I am starting illustrating that, indeed, French women DO get fat.

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  1. Actually, now that I think of it, I can see a little of Shirley in you. I think it’s something about the eyes, especially when you’re smiling. So I think your chic French guest maybe onto something and I’m sure she means it as a compliment. And good for you that your French is finally kicking in!

  2. Let’s make a guiz out of it (and you know I like quizzes)- you post your photo, Linda, and we will try to guess who you remind us of 😉

    Drats! My limited knowledge of French comes from schooling where we were alway vous-vousing everybody. It is so hard for me to “tu”, even a child…

  3. My Ex’s partner addressed me as ‘vous’ – I thought this was ridiculous as she is step-mother to my kids. So I said I’d be more comfortable ‘tutoyering’ and she agreed. Thankfully. I hardly know any ‘vous’ verbal conjugations.

  4. I am always tutoying the wrong people. I love the last photo! I saw a 07/07/07 marriage yesterday where everyone was on motorcycles, including the bride in her long white gown. I was kicking myself for not having my camera with me.

  5. So happy that your language skills are taking off. I hope that eventually happens to me as well. :0)

    I definitely do see quite a few chubby girls down here…or at least bigger than me. :0l I’m a size 4, so I suppose that’s not saying much.

    I’m probably considered big to the girls down here, who knows!

  6. Oh, the femme on the bike, how funny! thanks, I needed that. Wonderful that your French is improving enough for you to feel comfortable…that’s a big accomplishment.

  7. That\’s great you\’re French is coming along. I find that so weird that a couple could be together for years yet call each other vous? Shirley Maclaine is fantastic, Christophe has a huge thing for her actually. We love her in the Apartment and Irma La Douce and The Trouble with Harry. The picture on the bike is reassuring! Very reassuring in fact!

  8. I am so glad to be reassured that there really are fat french women……..I’ve been feeling “fat” here of late. Might have something to do with the fact that I’ve been lounging about my house and yard (on holiday) and every evening I’ve had peach ice cream. I suppose the dairy that makes the tummy bloat was a grand contributor to my “fat” feeling. I was so focues on “fat”…..walking through the local discount store it seemed to me every single person I see is “fat”. Actually it kind of scares me…..our health and all. Well better run for now, I think I hear the last of the peach ice cream calling my name.

  9. It could be worse. I’m always told I look like Susan Sarandon.

    I’ll bet the gal on the motorcycle is an American tourist! I can say that since I’m American, right?

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