Extremely Pale Rose

 Almost every Sunday we go to the small market at Ansouis. I love the drive through the vineyards to get there and I like walking up into the village after we have bought our vegetables, fruit and, usually, a chicken grilled in a huge rotisserie there.


I think the chateau there is one of the loveliest around.

 This time at the market I noticed a little stand set up selling wine. There always someone selling their wine which is grown locally. We usually just buy a bunch of bottles when we are shopping in the grocery store and I seldom do the tasting that they offer but when I saw a stack of books set up next to the bottles I had to wander over and see what was going on. I picked up one of the books and found that it was written by an Englishman who had given up the life of a lawyer in London to follow his bliss with his wife in search of pale rose. I was in the middle of reading the back of the book when I heard a voice say, “Would you like to have a taste?”

” Sure,” I said. (I never pass up a taste of wine).

“This is an especially nice wine,” he said as he poured me a glass.

Maurice asked where it was grown but the man wasn’t sure but he did know that it was an excellent wine.

“Are you by any chance related to the wine maker?”, I asked.

“Yes, I’m the father-in-law and he pointed to a young, blond man standing behind the table.

 “Did you write this book?”, I asked. And he told me that he had. His lovely wife was also there busily cleaning glasses for more tastings.


 Here he is-James Ivey with his pretty wife next to him.

 Well being a book lover as well as a rose lover and because they were offering a special package with a bottle of their wine and the book, I had to buy them. It seemed like such an adventure somehow. I’ve only read a few chapters of the book about their adventures in France searching for pale rose (my accent isn’t working) but I am enjoying his writing. He has that English sense of humor and has really great descriptive writing.


Here is the book and the bottle of wine.

PS-I don’t think you can buy this wine in the States. In fact, it is difficult to find locally grown wines outside of the region of the vineyard. We seldom find wines from Provence that we know in Paris.

And, as someone asked, yes, he did sign my book. He said something like: I hope you enjoy the read. Very nice man.

16 thoughts to “Extremely Pale Rose”

  1. What fun!
    Hopefully, one day, I’ll be shopping at a Provence marché and you’ll be there, selling your book along with…your zucchini? lavender? escargot 😉

  2. what a fun day out. You got the wine and the book too.
    Yes I willpost on Mexico and life on the ocean as time goes on.
    Come visit and see my wrecked garden after the storm yesterday.

  3. Being open to new experiences and meeting new people is the way to go. Of course, at times, you learn what not to do. But, in this case, it’s a lovely reminder to assess what we’re all here for.

  4. Cool! I am sipping a pale rosé as I write this, from the Sainte Philomene château, near Pélissanne. I hope I can find the one you tasted.

  5. I’ll second what tut-tut said. If I could find a French man willing to overlook my current husband (or vice versa?) I’d be in business…LOL

  6. Lovely post, Linda! Makes me want to be back in Ansouis. Hope you walked up the street and waved to “our house”!

  7. Cheers to the brave souls that follow their passion and leave cubicles behind them! how nice of you to give them a bit of support. I’ll look for his book on amazon, and maybe I can do the same.

  8. Linda, I would have bought the wine and the book just for the label and the cover! I’m a sucker for a sweet label. Wish we could get it here in the states.

  9. Oh what a sight!!! Thank you for the virtual feeling of summer (it’s pouring rain here)! These photos are fabulous… one can almost smell the lavender 🙂

  10. I agree with Cindy. I was so taken with the book cover and label I would have run out too purchase it immediately. Ordered the book through amazon.uk …for the cover alone. (The amazon cover.us is totally different and not interesting.) Too bad we can’t get the wine in the US too.

  11. Thank you for this post. I have been reading your site for a couple of months and had just finished reading this book last week. (My husband and my dream is to live in France one day and I can’t get enough of these books) So it was a lovely surprise to read this and to see a photo of them both.The photos of the lavender was gorgeous. We hope to be there in March next year so alas, will miss this but your site gives me heaps of inspiration for photos. Thank you.

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