Love The Lavender

 Lavender is at its peak right now and up in lavender country there are fields full of it. The fragrance fills the car as you drive along. Here and there we are starting to find fields already cut looking rather glum and embarrassed like a lady with a bad haircut.


Here’s a field on the side of the road on a rather gloomy day


A field below the village of Banon


 Upclose view


The butterflies love it

16 thoughts to “Love The Lavender”

  1. Hi Linda
    I am jealous that they lavender wasn’t ready when we were visiting, it looks just gorgeous now and I am taking a deep breatht to pretend as if I can smell it……

  2. Awesome pictures, Linda. The “carpet” oflavender in the second picture is gorgeous. Great postcards or poster maybe?????

  3. Simply gorgeous, Linda! My lavender looks like what your “lady with a bad haircut” cut off. I much prefer “yours.” Wish I were there to enjoy it in person but your beautiful photos are the next best thing.

  4. How beautiful! Lavander is so lovely, and I’m so jealous to see it growing crazy…
    Wish we had fields like that in Illinois!

  5. My FAVORITE and I cannot for the life of me grow any. I’ve had many, many failures. Gorgeous pictures.

  6. I enjoyed the tail end of the lavander season in Provence a few years ago and it was absolutely gorgeous.

    You’re pictures capture the intensity really well!

    The lavander oil they sell on the roadsides is great for muscle and back aches!!

  7. I think there’s something so magical about fields of lavenders or poppies. The intense blocks of colour are so beautiful and surreal even. I love lavender, it looks beautiful and smells wonderful and has a number of holistic really is a gift!

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