Ramdom Shots

 I almost always take my camera with me when going to other towns, especially if there is a market. Maurice is always asking me why I’m taking photos once again of various places. I must have one hundred photos of many of the same things but you never know when you will get something really amazing. Anyway, here are some photos that don’t really fit into any theme but they are colorful.


I’m not even sure where these flowers were but I like their cheerful colors.


 Many people have grape vines growing over metal frames to provide shade. This vine had some really good looking grapes. I wondered if some tourist will walk by and help themselves?


 It’s usually hard to find markets on Mondays but the exception is one in Forcalquier. In fact it’s one of the largest in Provence. In one section of the market are all sorts of crafts, materials and jewelry, often from other countries. This booth sold some colorful scarves and tops. The people to the left are in a reflection of a mirror.


 Don’t these olives look great? You know that they could never be sold like this in the States-all out in the open and uncovered. The bowl in the back was a “caviar” made of tomatoes which I thought looked good. I’m still waiting for my first tomato from my garden. I have one that will be ripe any day now.

11 thoughts to “Ramdom Shots”

  1. These are such gorgeous photos, Linda! So vivid and colorful. I especially like that shot of the material, jewelry, with the mirror reflection. Beautiful, as always!

  2. Just to let you know, I view your wonderful site often and it is always a joy.. Thank you. I must tell you that I , anew resident of Santa Fe NM, found olives for sale just as you show perhaps even more, all in the open at the Agora. Who would of thunk? I raised olives in Sonoma, Ca, and come to Santa Fe and , at least as far as then olives in market, it is like the south of France. What Joy

  3. The photos are beautiful, and I too wish that we in the states were required to begin learning foreign languages very young.

    As for your album question, I’m going to guess Saturday Night Fever.

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