An International Bastille Day

 Bastille Day here in France is much like the 4th of July in the States. It is celebrated with fireworks all over the country and there is music being played in almost every village. On the 14th we were invited to a friend’s house to celebrate. It was an interesting mix of people in that there were two American women, two French men, a lady from Austria whose husband was Dutch, a Belgian man raised in England with his wife, French raised in Canada. Could there be more of a mix? They were all very fluent both in French and English. I sat next to the man from Amsterdam and learned that he spoke four languages. He learned his first language, French, when young as it is considered the most difficult to learn so once they get that one out of the way, they move on to others. He then learned English and German. I so wish the States were the same way. Wouldn’t that be great?

 Anyway, my friend has a very cute apartment with a terrace from which there was a fabulous view.


  We had a great dinner and then, because the mairie is almost next door to her, we had a first row seat to the fireworks.





 Afterwards there was a live band in front of the mairie playing mostly American rock and roll to which my friend and I knew every word. We all even did a little dancing on the terrace. At one point I asked them all this question: what is the biggest selling album ever from a movie? I base this on an article I read in a paper a few years ago. It isn’t Flash Dance, Purple Rain, or Dirty Dancing. What do you think it is? (My sister can’t answer this as she has been asked this question before.)

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  1. I accidentally posted my comment below, but it was meant for this post.

    The photos are beautiful, and I too wish that we in the states were required to begin learning foreign languages very young.

    As for your album question, I’m going to guess Saturday Night Fever.

  2. What gorgeous Bastille Day fireworks shots! I didn’t take any photos this time around myself, but I’m not so good at getting the nighttime shots anyway… Looks like you had a wonderful evening!

    (I’m no good at guessing these kinds of things, so I don’t even know if I should try…!)

  3. I think Grease, I remember when the film came out one neice (about 16 years old) saw it about 6 times in a row. Funnily enough the sequel was a flop.

  4. Oh darn it, I want to tell all of you! My sister and her trivia.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I’ve always thought that us Americans were quite selfish in the language department. We expect everyone to know English but we don’t bother learning another language. But then, there was grade school where they taught or attempted to teach us Spanish but I think that’s because we were so close to the border.

  5. Great job with the firework photos! They are not easy to capture…Sounds like you enjoyed the fete!
    Your friend lives in town, in an apartment with a view like that? Is she renting?

    As for the quiz…I am vacillating between Saturday Night Fever (oh, the Bee Gees!) and Grease (I also know all the lyrics ;-))

  6. Oooh I also think the Sound of Music….that was what popped into my mind as soon as I read your question.

    Do tell.

    And btw – those photos are spectacular.

  7. I’ve been a lurker of your blog and decided to play along this time and post a comment. Hmmm…SOM, SNF, and Grease are great answers, but I’ll go against the norm and say The Bodyguard. 🙂

  8. I am thoroughly enjoying your vision of France and the surrounding areas -it is a truly fascinating and your photos are superb!
    My daughter is presently in Paris and got me started looking for pictures of places that she was referring to in her emails – thanks for the American point of view on things French!!

  9. Oh darn it! I got here too late since you already have a winner — I wouldn’t have won anyway because I would have guessed the Top Gun soundtrack. It’s probably Sound of Music since so many people pick that as their favorite movie. Tell all!

    For Bastille Day, one year(2002)our little village had a few fireworks, from then on they canceled the fireworks due to drought and fire hazard.

    I heard Marseille had great fireworks at the port but going to Marseille for ONE soccer game cured me from wanting to go there for any other major public gathering!

  10. Yep, Hasmin was right. According to the article I read–somewhere–it was The Body Guard. Remember Witney Houston singing, “And IIIII will always love youuuuuuu”? She had about 5 other hits from the movie too. I was surprised it wasn’t Dirty Dancing or Flash Dance to which I did aerobic exercising for what seemed like years. Linda

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