On The Purple Trail

 Or should it be, On The Trail of Purple? There seems to be a sudden popularity for the color purple. At least it is new to me. You find it referred to all over blog world in such places as Gypsy Purple Gypsy Purple and Perfect Bound  perfect bound: domino sneak peak + purple. I even realized that I have a few touches of purple in my own home in a runner on my dining room table, a bunch of dried hydrangias in a vase and, right now, cut lavender from my yard in pots here and there.

 Speaking of purple, lavender is at its peak right now here in Provence (she reported live from deep within the heart of lavender country) and because it has gotten hot in the last few days, I’m thinking that there won’t be much lavender around for much longer so even though I was tired from a late night of partying and watching fire works, I made myself drive to Valensole, the home of the lavender festival. I passed masses of lavender growing in fields on the way and the fragrance wafted its way into my car on my way to the village. The festival was packed with people and there was booth after booth of products made of lavender and, yes, all things purple.


What is it about these neat, clean smelling rows that fill your heart with happiness?


 Free bouquets of lavender were handed out at the festival


 I didn’t buy any of this but I liked that label


 I don’t use soap anymore-just liquid gel-but sometimes I buy some just to make my bathroom smell good.


Aren’t these cute? They are little pillows filled with lavender to put in drawers to make the items inside smell like lavender. I think they are too pretty to hide away in a drawer.

15 thoughts to “On The Purple Trail”

  1. Those fields of lavender are incredibly gorgeous… Ah, I need to get down to Provence one of these days!

    Thanks Linda, by the way, for the link that you sent on to me! It’s definitely an inspiring blog.

  2. Lavender is so gorgeous — we have planted some in Aveyron and plan to plant more. It’s not really typically Aveyronnais, but what with global warming and all…

  3. I also use liquid gel these days. I figure the French are better at that than at soap..the soap on offer is abysmally dull.

    Lovely photos…I love lavender and would love some more of those sachets for my wardrobe and drawers. My son gave me some for Mothers Day along with a bunch of other Lavendar goodies.

  4. God bless the farmers who plant lavender instead of corn! Beautiful photos as always Linda!

  5. They say that lavendar grows really well here in New Mexico. They say “just stick it in the ground and it will grow”. I’ve planted three. Last night I pulled one out – dead as a doornail. The second one is struggling. The third is a happy camper. Go figure.

    These images are just wonderful. Keep them coming.

  6. I would hyperventilate if I ever saw fields like that. I hope one day I will! Gorgeous. There is nothing fresher to the nose than lavender. I would swim in it if I had the chance.

  7. I was in the King Sooper’s grocery store the other day and they had lavendar plants for sale. I elbowed K and said, “that’s what I want for our new flower bed.”

    Your photograph is what I saw when I gazed upon the straggly pots. Sigh…

    Meilleurs voeux!!

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