A Look Around a Market

 In the summer there are brochantes all over the place. These aren’t like flea markets, or vide greniers as they are called here. These are antique markets run by professional dealers. I love poking around and always see many things I’d love to buy. I have to say that the prices seemed a little lower than last year for what ever reason.


 Farmers used to wear these in the fields. There were many made before they started mass producing shoes and are of wood. They look uncomfortable but I guess a little mud wouldn’t hurt them.


These dolls look strangely familiar to me for some reason.


 There are always wonderful linen things in these markets. I never buy them as I don’t think I’d use them. This nightgown was tempting but I passed it by.


I have a weakness for plates and platters but I didn’t buy any.


 This is what we ended up buying. We’ve needed one since we moved into our house. The seller actually delievered it, thank heavens. Now I have a place for dishes that I have stuffed here and there.

9 thoughts to “A Look Around a Market”

  1. My feet hurt just looking at those shoes!

    That sideboard seems to be in top condition. If it’s an antique, you made a nice purchase!
    And I understand you’ve got your table already…So when is “the big dinner event”?

  2. Gorgeous sideboard, Linda! So happy you finally found one and I’ll bet it looks wonderful under the mirror. Magnifique!!

  3. The dolls remind me of the Kupie/Cupie (?) dolls that were around when we were little. Love the sideboard…I am looking for one for a blank wall in my dining room but, alas, no brocantes around here.

  4. I love the wooden shoes. May I use the image to make a painting from???????

    Oh my gosh, if I had my way I’d have a TON of plates and cups and serving pieces…..I just love that stuff and my poor husband just can’t understand why I would need all this stuff in the kitchen where I have so little room to begin with………….*sigh* ….. *men*

    Silver City, huh? I’ve been there once and found it quite beautiful, not so desert like. Although I love the desert as well as the mtns. Nice thing about NM, you get both.

    That sideboard is very cool. I’m jealous.

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