Light A Candle


Light a candle, say a prayer

 You know the family reunion scheduled for August I have been gripping and stressing about? Well, it has been cancelled for the worst possible reason.  We received a phone call that the husband of Maurice’s sister had passed out and the doctor in the ER did a scan and thought he had brain cancer. Since then an expert in this sort of thing thinks he may not and on Monday they will be doing an MRI. The ER doctor even told them that he had metastases which understandably scared them to death. His name is Rene and he’s a really nice and funny guy. I always call him Cowboy because he has a collection of western guns and paintings of cowboys in their home. So, please send out your good thoughts and prayers for this really great guy who doesn’t deserve this. It makes stressing about a party seem like no big deal in the scope of life and death, eh?


9 thoughts to “Light A Candle”

  1. My thoughts are with you all just now. This is such a difficult time,I hope you are all strong enough to see it through.

    My prayers for Rene as well.

    God Bless You all.

  2. Many, many thoughts and prayers for Rene and your family! I hope there will be better news in the coming week.
    Hugs to you and Maurice,

  3. Oh my; I\’m sending a prayer. Why is it always that it is something like this that pulls us up short, to be thankful for what we have, and not something wonderful?

  4. Dear Lord, Remember your servant Rene that his health will be restored and all fear comforted out of his family’s heart.

  5. Sincere prayers to Rene and all the family. Thanks for sharing and giving us the opportunity to send positive thoughts and well wishes!

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