Absinthe and Jazz

 I had an interesting Saturday night. There are jazz concerts all over France in the Summer and we finally decided to go see one. It took place in the garden of a chateau which was also a vineyard. It was so great to sit under the sky and watch the stars come out and listen to some great jazz.


 I did get a clear photo but I sort of like this one-it looks like jazz music to me. They were from Jamaica and very good.


 On another note, isn’t this a pretty container? My sister gave it to me in Paris a few years ago and I’ve been waiting for a place to display it ever since. Now that I have my sideboard, I’ve put it out. It is a serving device for Absinthe, a rather dangerous drink before they took out the ingredient of wormwood, although there still are people who buy wormwood in other countries to make their own by adding it to Vodka. It causes brain damage and I’ve read that Absinthe is a possible reason that Van Gogh went mad and cut off his ear. They now sell it again in France without the wormwood and the label has a picture of Van Gogn on it. I’m not a fan of the taste but it would be fun to serve it. You turn one of the little spouts, put a sugar cube on the metal holder over the glass and let it run over the sugar into the glass. My sister saw this at the Parisian restaurant, le Procope, and when she found out they were for sale got one for me and one for herself.


Closeup of the lid. I think the whole thing is hand blown glass.


Here it is on my sideboard. Now I need to find a really nice silk flower arrangement to put there too.

10 thoughts to “Absinthe and Jazz”

  1. Your jazz photo is very…jazzy 😉

    I’ve been to Procope too and probably saw the decanters and, most likely, did not know what they were for!

  2. We have just come back from a holiday in Asturias, Northern Spain. We flew ourselves there and on the way back we wanted to break the journey half way so we chose La Rochelle. Unknown to us it was the day they had their big music festival so we were lucky to get a hotel. We did though and that evening walked through the town. It was so alive, the atmosphere was electric. Glastonbury without the mud!

  3. It looks GREAT in that spot; perfect! I also saw the absinthe in Le Procope last time I was there. There are absinthe bars cropping up around town, too. Maybe when you come back into town next time we ought to go check one out!

  4. The sideboard is gorgeous, as is the glass. And is your house as huge and spacious as it looks?! I’m very impressed. (You want and welcome American visitors, right?!)

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