Dear Reader, I Met Him!

 You know, I don’t think I ever did the interesting things in the States that I get to do here. A chance encounter at the Ansouis market led to an invitation to a book launch party. I wrote before of the book and wine, Extremely Pale Rose. The author, Jamie Ivey, also has a blog and I read about his new book coming out and he was kind enough to invite Maurice and I to a party at his home. We found his home at the end of a road leading through vineyards and olive trees. There was live music, all the rose you could drink and good munchies being passed around.


 Here is Jamie and his beautiful wife, Tanya. Aren’t they cute? She is expecting a baby in October.


 Here is his new book. It is sort of a play on words of the famous French song of the same name but without the accent on the e in Rose. I, of course, bought a copy and will be reading it soon.


 Do you know who this is? That’s right, it’s Peter Mayle! The party was packed with English people. I may have been the only American there and Maurice the only Frenchman. Anyway, Peter Mayle lives near Lourmarin and here he was at the party. After a couple of glasses of rose I approached him and gushed all over him. He was really nice and didn’t seem to mind. One of these days Jamie may also have people doing the same thing. I hope they don’t track him down to where he lives like some fans of Mayle have done. I wasn’t one of them. Honest.

12 thoughts to “Dear Reader, I Met Him!”

  1. That is so terrific, Linda! Great photos. I hope you asked him to recommend a good pool repair man. LOL!

  2. Linda, Isabella is on the right track for you! You are very talented, with stories to tell . . . and great photographs to have published, too!

    What was Mrs. Mayle like??

  3. Wonderful!! What a great story. Your life as really taken a superb turn. I hope you do continue writing about it all, and publish a book.

    With photos. Your photos are great! What camera do you use, by the way, and do you ever shoot a bad photo?!

  4. OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH My God! You met my IDOL Peter Mayle! I am so jalouse I can’t think straight! I’ll bet you were in author heaven there – two authors in one sitting!

  5. One more comment…Who was playing the music? I know two small groups from that area, one has Albert a dutch trumpet player, and the other has Nicholas the half french half english trumpet player. Does that ring a bell?

  6. WOW! You are so right. How often would such a thing happen in the States? Generally, never. Peter Mayle! My hero at the same party!

    In a similar vein: Now that we are living in France our son Daniel has been anxious to learn Manoosh [spg?] guitar. We enquired if there were a teacher of this Art near by and were sent to a house at the end of the proverbial countrylane where we met a very unassuming French fellow who agreed to teach him and, from our own observation of his incredible technique, was an absolute virtuoso, a musical miracle! In fact, Dan had had two lessons when we discovered this congenial teacher, Laurence Richard, is considered a master and many ooh and aah and queue to hear him all over the country. How did we get lucky enough to find this person, not only two miles from the door, but so willing to help? This sort of miracle has been my experience of France since my first visit a few years ago. I thought it was a “fluke,” but now that we are here permanently it seems more and more a fact that life just flows, even the backwaters are deeply civilised, and you find yourself amongst amazing friends wherever you go.

  7. Formidable! Things just keep getting better and better for you. So what\’s a little pool problem and 80E paint when you can grouse about it over a glass of rose with Peter Mayle?!!!

  8. How cool is that? how lucky for you! loved Mayle’s A Dog’s Life–very good, sweet book. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  9. Wow, Linda! Peter Mayle… and you got his picture, too!

    Also, I love Jamie’s bookcover. I think vivid colors are a smart choice. They really capture the eye.

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