We get some amazing skies here in Provence. There always seems to be quite a bit of breeze up in the sky and interesting things are done to the clouds. The mistral has been particularly present this summer and it always scrubs the air to a crystal clear brillance and shapes the clouds into lovely patterns.



 The view from our porch one evening.


 Isn’t this amazing? It looks like some fingers dragged their way through these clouds. Sort of looks like the back of a fish.

 And for all of those curious as to how our cabana turned out (the French don’t call it a cabana and look confused when you do) here is a photo of it freshly painted and part of the now refilled pool.


 The black roll at the end is not very photogenic but Maurice puts it on the surface of the pool every night to warm up the water. All of the pink that you see on the cabana was done by yours truly. After we filled up the pool, another tile came loose. I guess we will empty it this winter and see what we can do. I will not, however, be doing any more painting on the cabana, that’s for sure.

8 thoughts to “Clouds”

  1. Cabana looks good so at least your hard work was worth it. Sorry to hear the tiling isn’t working out so well. At least there is water in the pool for the rest of the hot weather (which we are NOT getting here in Paris — after a nice weekend we’ve had clouds, rain and temps in the low 60’s (F) all week. I’m wearing SOCKS around the house as my feet are COLD!) Glad I didn’t invest in the A/C.

  2. It all looks beautiful; I’d love to sit back in the cabana (or whatever the French call it) with a book to doze over in the afternoon.

  3. “Lucky dog, lucky dog” 😉
    Amazing sky and the cabana/pool area looks sooo inviting…but I bet you don’t want to see anything pink for a while!

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