On My Porch

 Sometimes nothing more exciting happens than having lunch on my porch. It is so nice to sit there either at lunch or dinner and look out at our yard and discuss what we need to do next-and there is always something that needs doing. And then there is that incredible view. Usually we can hear nothing but birds and a few butterflies always float by if it is summer. And I usually have more than one glass of wine, mostly a rose when it’s hot.


 Being the wine expert that I am, I often buy a bottle because I like the shape of it or because I like the label.


Isn’t this cute? I liked the sun at the top, which you can’t see in this photo, and I love the cigale, such a symbol of Provence. The wine turned out to be good as well-and it only cost about 3 euros. I’m finding that I really like the taste of wine that comes from Coteaux d’Aix, which is over a hill and in a valley from us. We have some nice wines in this area, on this side of the hill, but I really like the ones from near Aix.


 A friend gave me this little cigale that hangs on the wall outside on our porch. I tried to put lavender and wheat inside the mouth but the mistral blows it away everytime. Maybe some super glue…


Our clock on the porch. You can see that we ended our meal almost at 2 PM. I’m becoming very French that way. There are alot of these types of clocks for sale in this area, most of them old advertisements on the face and the clock is made to look old. When I bought this, I thought it would be more the color of our house but, as you can see, I missed a bit. I still like it.

6 thoughts to “On My Porch”

  1. ooo- spooky!
    Out of the blue, about half an hour ago, I found myself thinking about cicadas.
    I have no idea why!
    Then…. I came to your blog and there they were! You must be sending me vibes across the oceans!
    When I lived up in Queensland they were a summer fixture, but we don’t seem to have them down here in Victoria(and it is winter at the moment).
    What do yours look like? Ours are pretty lime green.

  2. Lunch or dinner on your porch… ah, what lovely memories. I see the clock got hung and it looks wonderful. What a cute wine bottle. I was at restau on Rue Mouff on Saturday that serves Provençal cuisine (very nice, I’ll send the address) and they had those ceramic cigales on the wall in a few places – reminded me of your porch!

    Hey if a certain Monsieur Avignon works out, maybe we’ll be “neighbors”. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  3. Oh Linda, you are exactly the person I had in mind when I read that NY Times article (pls. see my post today)! You are my proof positive that you do not need hundreds of millions of dollars(apparently tens of millions are not enough)to live well!

    Unless, I don’t know something about you 😉

  4. I do the same thing: buy bottles by the shape or label and I read that more wine bottles are sold with animals on the labels (or used in the logos) than not, so guess we\’re not the only ones influenced by that. Wine is such a wonderful thing. In fact I think it\’s one of the major food groups.

  5. Ohhhh, I too buy wine for the bottles and labels. My favorite labels are George Deboeuf’s. Love the bottle too. This is something I would lug back to the states, for sure!

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