Cucuron Market

 One of my favorite villages to visit is the nearby village of Cucuron. What makes it special is the large pond surrounded by 200 year old plane trees which is in the heart of the village and which came into being when a tanner was in operation. They often set up festivals around it and, this year, the yearly brochante was spread out under the trees making it a pleasure to stroll around.


A view of the pond in the middle of Cucuron


I wonder if the little boy who once rode this is still alive?


A very Provencal mirror with carved wooden cyprus trees and the little figure riding a mule on the top. I like the phone too.


 I like these curtains. I wish they were the right size but I think they made windows smaller back then.


 I love these pottery containers-called Majorca, I think. I didn’t even ask the price because I know it would be high.

 In the end we bought a coat rack/hall tree that we have needed since we’ve lived here. Now we have a place to hang our coats as we come in the door and a place for guest’s coats as well.

11 thoughts to “Cucuron Market”

  1. I’ve been wanting to wander through someplace like that since I arrived last month. D and I were in the city center a few days ago and there were several people with their little spots set up in the cathedrals square. I’m like “Oh goody! I want to look.” His response…”They are all thieves, here to steal from the tourists.” Ah well, maybe next time ^_^

  2. The French really know how to make community spaces work. Every village seems to have at least one shady square where people can just sit or play boules. In England community spaces seem to be mainly designed around kids or sport.

  3. Linda, was this village the setting for a romantic dinner in the Russell Crowe film, “A Good Year?” I know the movie was filmed in the Luberon, and although they fancied it up in the movie with lots of lights and stuff, that pond looks very familiar.

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