When I first met Maurice and we went shopping at the famous Central Food Market in Austin, Texas, he would always head right for the white peaches. I had never heard of them and thought I preferred the old stand by, the yellow peach.


 But it turned out that Maurice was right as the French often are when it comes to food. He was right about the smaller French strawberries being much better than the huge ones that arrived at the markets from Spain, and he was right about foie gras, about French cheese. I’ve learned to start listening when he talks about food except I can’t pass that barrier inside me about eating rabbit or brain. While the white peach doesn’t look as good to me as the yellow, it certainly tastes better-very juicy and sweet. I tried it in a peach crumble but the color bothered me-however, fresh, you just can’t beat it.


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  1. Oh, these pictures are so “real”. I can almost taste them.

    Bill just returned with some Fay Alberta yellow peaches from the peach orchard in Acton. We may try a cobbler this week-end. They’re also great alone, and sliced with vanilla ice cream.

  2. Yum! I’m with Maurice about white peaches. Both white peaches and white nectarines are at the height of their deliciousness here on the Monterey Peninsula. At our weekly farmer’s market I head straight for them. There’s nothing better…but I’ve never used them for cooking. But Linda, you must try rabbit – one of my favorite things when simmered with wine – and the French know how to prepare it better than anyone. You don’t know what you’re missing!

  3. I grew up in Austin and I remember the arrival of Central Market – I think it was the beginning of edible food being sold in a Texas grocery store…

  4. Just today bought a whole crate of these at the supermarket in Dinan, Brittany. I\’ve never tasted white peach, and won\’t get around to doing something with these until Sunday dinner [tomorrow]. The convincing factors were the luscious scent wafting from the entire display in the shop and the perfect, gorgeous deep red globes of fruit. I am a peach fanatic, a great fan of peach jam, iced cream, peach pie, melba and crumble. And of course, as an American, subliminally convinced that peaches must be that yellow/orange colour. But I bought a crate today, willing to keep at open mind. If these have half as much flavour as they do gorgeous aroma, I could be converted from the familiar freestone peach to this French white miracle. And, now that we live in France, I suppose that would be convenient.

  5. Glad to read this — I’ve heard of/seen white peaches but always assumed they wouldn’t be as good as golden peaches. I can’t imagine what they look like cooked but they’re beautiful in your photos!
    (Yay for foodies, I always say)

  6. I personally think peaches of ANY color are fabulous, but have to agree with you on this one. A fresh, white peach is like no other. Peaches are my favorite fruit. Along with muskmelons(canteloupe), watermelon. pears, …Oh, never mind.

  7. Hello,

    I’m new to your blog and find it to be just lovely. I don’t live in France but dream of doing so someday.

    I love white peaches too. Actually, I love any peach that is in season. Just delightful.

    Your peach photos are great too! Like someone else said… I can almost taste them!

    I look forward to visiting your blog again.


    Karen Beth, aka. Zazazu

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