Aperitifs In a Small Village

 Wednesday of this week was a religious holiday in France, Assumption Day. Our little village held a little party serving some munchies and aperitifs to celebrate the holiday.


 There were alot of people there that I had never seen before. There are many homes around in the countryside that surrounds the actual village and it looked like many at the party were outsiders, so to speak. In fact, we often feel like outsiders at these parties as we aren’t in the actually village which is one reason why I had the block party recently.


 Our village does have a crumbling chateau above it. There is a gite in the village which is a sort of dorm for hikers and bikers who come in large numbers to this region. There is no boulangerie, no store, nothing here. There is no longer any school although there was one at one time and the party was held in the little courtyard in front of it. In fact, the school was used in a scene of a popular older French movie called, The Glory of My Father. Someone actually now lives in the upper rooms of the school.


 It was nice to see our neighbors who had come to our block party. Several people who live in the actual village said hello to me as they recognize me from my trudges up and down the hill and the road I take takes me through the village. Any time we have talked with someone they always point that out. So, it wasn’t the most exciting party I have ever been to but sort of nice to get a slice of life view of village life and I had a very good aperitif that I must try to dupicate. It consisted of some sort of sweet white wine and and almond flavoring. It was very tasty. They had some good guacamole too-that always surprises me in France.

5 thoughts to “Aperitifs In a Small Village”

  1. Assumption Day – hmmmmm.
    You wouldn’t think I spent 13 years at a Catholic school – but what is Assumption Day?
    Is that when Mary went to Heaven?
    On another note, – how far away do you have to go to get your groceries?

  2. Ay excuse to socialize and drink some apero is fine with me 😉

    I’m also curious – there is no commerce but private homes in your village? How far to the nearest grocery store? Doctors? Hospital?

  3. To those who are wondering: the nearest small grocery store and boulangerie are a ten minute drive away. The largest grocery where we do our main shopping is about 20 minutes away. The hospital is there too, in a small city called Pertuis. Our doctor is a little closer, 10 minutes or so, pharmacy too. It’s just different in the country. You have to plan ahead. Linda

  4. Quoi? Guacamole? En France? Formidable!

    Sounds like a wonderful village tradition…good of you to go. Y’all are just having one party after another with your neighbors??!! What fun, creating your own stories!!

    Meilleurs voeux!!

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