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 You wouldn’t think building a cabana in your yard would be that big a deal, would you? Well there can be difficulties. Maurice, being the honest soul that he is, sent a letter to the mayor and the Luberon officials telling them of our plans of building the cabana. This is a big deal here as everything has to conform to some Luberon National Park standards. For instance, we couldn’t do our porch the way that we wanted to and our fire place chimney couldn’t be on an outside wall. Your house has to have that Luberon look. So Maurice went right ahead and had our cabana built without waiting for permission. It seems to be pretty standard around here-it seems to me that most people build just about what they want to. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff the Savoyards have done to their house, some things that I wouldn’t think would be alllowed, such as a wooden porch. But, I digress. After the cabana was finished we received a letter from the official of the Luberon Association. He said our cabana did not conform to Luberon standards. He listed several reasons for this. It was kind of scary as we learned that it was possible that we would have to tear the whole thing down. Maurice finally went and talked to the mayor who is basically the one who could make us do so but he told Maurice he didn’t need to, thank God.


 Reflection of a sunset in our pool–next to the cabana

 A friend told me that they got permission to build a cabana-they call them pool houses here. A cabana is a log cabin, I found out. Instead of an open covered structure like ours, they built a little guest house and added a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Luckily, none of this can be seen from the road. Her neighbors could complain, and if they did, she would have to pull the whole thing down. Once ten years have passed you are safe. Unfortunately for us, you can get a very clear view of the cabana from the road up above us so it is hard to do anything without the whole village knowing about it.


 Whenever there are clouds, I always get outside to see the show being put on by the sun as it sets.

 What is interesting to me is that not one but two neighbors have stopped by and told us how much they like our cabana, and would we mind if they copied it. It’s not the common type seen around here, I guess. We always say sure but warn them about what they need to do to conform to the Luberon standards.

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  1. Do you think these councils are the same the world over? Do you think they have a special manual on “bloody mindedness”?
    But it looks like you have made an escape.
    Fingers crossed it stays that way!

  2. Amazing that there are so many rules there to follow. I\’m so glad you didn\’t have to tear your cabana down after all. That would have been horrible!

  3. But what if your neighbors decided to build a monster house like the ones people are building in the U.S. Would anybody in the neighborhood like that? I could happen. So some zoning or building standards are a good thing.

  4. So much aggrivation, and all you want to do is enjoy your home in Provence! Like many CCrs here and other homeowner assoc stuff.

    The gorgeous reflections in the pool and the cloud formations hopefully make it all worth while.

  5. In my brother’s village in the Minervois they were not permitted to have a blue liner in the swimming pool – only white. This so that when people look down from planes they don’t see all those blue squares, rectangles, ovals or whatever is the shape of the month! Actually though, a white one still makes the water look quite blue when you’re next to the pool – reflection from the sky I guess. Would like to know how different they look from the heavens!
    Glad you managed to win this one regarding your cute cabana. Lovely sky pics Linda.

  6. How exciting. Beautiful photos. You know what they say, “Imitation is the best form of flattery!” Enjoy your cabana. I bet it is absolutely beautiful this time of year.

  7. I’m with Dianne, I’d like to see the neighbor’s house !!!

    Several weeks ago the house across the street from us finally sold. An older and his adult son moved in. After several weeks we are now looking out out dining room window at their yard only to see a bright orange roadwork cone, a torn ottoman, two rain drenched wood desks with a bedspread draped over them and miscellaneous other things………….grrrr.

    They’ve been gently told about neighborhood pride and that went in one ear and out the other. My plan is to call the homeowner’s assoc. to complain. Jeez I hate having to do this.

    So maybe it is good that someone in your area does keep an eye on things as long as they don’t become oppressive about it.

    Right now I’d be grateful if the mayor would impose some authority !!

    HA! Funny how things can go, isn’t it? I think your cabana is really charming. I imagine myself there, lounging with a cool drink…….

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