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A chapel I love near la Tour d’Aigues

  I’ve got some exciting travel plans coming up and I hope you will follow me as I post about them even though many of you come here to read about France.

 First I am going to England for about a week and I will be blogging about that. I’m so thrilled to be going there. It is such a lovely country.

 Next, after we return from England, we will almost immediately head out for the States. We are doing something new to us, a home exchange. I was contacted by a very nice reader of my blog about the possibility of exchanging homes and when I heard where she and her husband live, it was a no brainer. Yes, dear reader (I love this phrase. I have read it on other blogs and like to use it), I am going to be blogging from Pebble Beach, California, one of the most beautiful areas in the world. We are going to be there for six weeks and then go on to Texas to see those of the family who won’t be coming to visit us while we are in California.

 So my postings may not be as plentiful but I’m planning to try and keep up to date. I will have my trusty camera with me and will take many photos and I have a few things up my sleeve, or should I say on my hard drive, about life in Paris that I will post on. Emily, my home exchange person, may be writing a few things about their time in Provence which I will post and you can see Provence through some fresh eyes.


  My favorite thing to do is travel so I am really looking forward to the next two months. Please come along.

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  1. I’ll follow you anywhere 😉

    Exciting news, indeed. We visited Pebble Beach on our way to Carmel – gorgeous!
    Glad you’ll get to see your family, too.

  2. What a grand tour. Pebble Beach is spectacular. Now the lucky Emily will be enjoying your cabana too. Great idea. Hoping you will be in contact with more photos, which are always a creative wonder for those of us who follow your adventures.
    Bon Voyage!

  3. Linda, how exciting to think about hanging out in Pebble Beach for six whole weeks! And then getting to see your family, too. Can’t wait to read about your adventures here in California.

    I love the two photos here.


  4. Linda, how exciting to think about hanging out in Pebble Beach for six whole weeks! And then getting to see your family, too. Can’t wait to read about your adventures here in California.

    I love the two photos here.


  5. That’s fabulous! My favorite thing too is travel. It will be fun reading about your adventures and seeing some photos — bon voyage, Linda!

  6. What an extraordinary photo that last one is!
    It looks like a football or a frisbee got thrown or kicked so hard it embedded in the tree!

    A home exchange – some “rellos” are doing one now in England! I was always interested in doing something like that, but thought our suburb would be too boring for overseas people!

    I really hope you have the most wonderful time and look forward to hearing of all your adventures. Bon Voyage!

  7. Bon voyage, Linda! I hope that you and Maurice have a wonderful trip and I’ll look forward to your stories and photos.
    Safe journey,

  8. Linda – have enjoyed the book – thanks for sharing.
    Hope you will have a great time in England – I’ll be there in Oct. The Calif. trip sounds fabulous – know you will enjoy and have a great time with family and friends.
    Bob voyage.

  9. Of course that was upposed to be BON Voyage! My French is not that bad but my fingers are getting old and tired!!
    Have fun.

  10. While the idea of doing a home exchange appeals to me, I don’t think I could stomach the possibility of someone accidentally stumbling upon my junk drawer and high school yearbooks, for example.

    Therefore I look forward to living vicariously through you!

  11. Have a great time on your home exchange and, if next time you plan a trip to England, do check out my home exchange site (based in London so lots of lovely exchange offers here).


    PS Letitia – I’m sure someone would find your suburb ideal for an exchange.

    PPS Catherine – Most home exchangers will find better things to do than go through your junk drawer (we all have them so your swappees might be worried that you’d be doing the same at their place!)

  12. Linda, your travel plans sound wonderful. London, LA and home to Texas for a bit. Enjoy and we all look forward to reading of your adventures, photos, and stories. Enjoy and bon voyage!

    (The book has been a wonderful read-fiction if I didn’t know better.)

  13. Linda, I’ve ordered up perfect weather for you here in Pebble Beach. The temperature is balmy, the sea is a sparkling sapphire blue, and the morning fog hangs in the pine trees…perfect for a morning stroll or bike ride along the 17 Mile Drive. The glories of the Big Sur coastline await your camera. We’ll see you Tuesday in Provence, where I’m sure that Rod and I will have a wonderful adventure. I’ll try to share some of it with your readers. A bientot! Emily

  14. How exciting for you. I look forward to seeing another town through your eyes and hopefully meeting Emily as she travels Provence. Have a wonderful time.

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