We made a quick trip into Oxford, the city of dreaming spires, as it is called. It is a very unique place with the university set up in seperate colleges all with lovely walled grass interiors. It’s a joy just to walk around and look at the architecture.


A view from a church tower of one of the colleges


They have their own bridge of sighs copied from the one in Venice


A view of some gargoles high on St Mary’s church unseen by most people yet someone spent care sculpting it hundreds of years ago.


No visit to Oxford can be complete without a visit to the Christ’s Church college. This is the grand dining hall used by students who eat in mass. It was also used in the Harry Potter movies. It made me wonder, visiting here, what it would be like to attend this college.


(My trip to England will be done out of order until I can figure out how to use my husband’s mac. I am unable to upload photos right now. We didn’t start in Oxford and it was visited about half way through our time there.)

The chapel of Christ’s College is overwhelming beautiful and full of treasures. I particularly like this stained glass window.

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  1. Gorgeous photos. How do you get them to turn out so beautifully inside churches? I hope you’re enjoying your holiday.

  2. Great pics of Oxford Linda – thanks for sharing. Hope England is being kind to you and has held back on the rain for a change – such a wet Summer there. I’m hoping for Indian Summer while there in October!

  3. I was just looking yesterday at some old photos that I took in Oxford a few years ago…we covered some of the same ground! Funny, though, I remember all too well walking through the crowds with a too heavy backpack trying to find a hotel. Hey wait a minute, that could of been any of about 30 European cities! But it was Oxford that was most recent…

    Did you go to the Inklings pub?

    Meilleurs voeux!!

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