Do You Believe?

 If you believe in mediums and will be in Paris this month, you will want to check this out:  For anyone who loved THE SECRET and believes that thoughts become things, think of a Loved One who’s passed on to the Other Side and they’ll be at your side in a flash. So says DEBRA MARTIN, acclaimed Spiritual Medium, who is happy to announce that she will be in Paris, France to hold two exclusive “Connection With The Spirit World Sitting Circles”. As one of the few Certified Research Mediums in the world Debra has appeared on A&E television shows “Psychic Children: Their Sixth Sense” and “Mediums: We See Dead People” as well as on many radio talk shows such as Hayhouse Radio with John Holland and Signs of Life Radio with The Forever Family. “Everyone will receive information from the loved one they choose to connect with.” A discussion and signing of her book, “Believe Beyond Seeing” will follow.
Dates: Thursday, September 27th, 2007, 7-9 pm and Friday, September 28th, 2007, 7- 9 pm
Location: Hotel Le Pavillon de la Reine
28 Place des Vosges – 75003 Paris, France
Metros: Chemin Vert or St. Paul le Marais
Price: 100 EUROS per participant – see for daily exchange rates
For more information and to sign up you can visit Debra’s website or email Debra Martin’s office directly at If you can’t make it to Paris, Arizona-based Debra also gives personalized one-on-one readings over the phone and can provide you with a CD of your reading.

2 thoughts to “Do You Believe?”

  1. Oh yeah baby, I BELIEVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My grandfather has stayed around me for quite some time. He helped me to see the beauty in birds and use them in my art. From a man that I had little contact with, I have felt so loved.

  2. AZ based, huh? Cool. Never heard of her but she has John Holland on her site and I saw him at Louise Hay’s birthday party and he kept staring at me. Do you think he saw dead people around me?

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