On the way to Ravenglass you pass this breathtakingly, green blast of incredible scenery. When the sun is shining, you just have to stop the car to take a photo.


The tide goes out very far in the harbor of Ravenglass. In fact, the land underneath the water is so hard and rocky that it is not problem at all to take a walk out and have a look at the temporarily beached boats.


It seemed strange to walk right up to a boat that you knew had been floating just hours before when the tide was high.

This is the Pennington coat of arms on the front of the Pennington hotel in Ravenglass. I’m not sure what it all means but it is rather grand, a coat of arms. I’m sure, had I lived back then, that I would have been one of the more lowly Pennington’s, the poor cousin, who was allowed to stay in a drafty back room in return for hard labor. I’m not a castle sort of person but I wouldn’t mind being invited for a visit.

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  1. Beautiful photos…and I love the black cat on the Pennington coat of arms! (Being a cat lover, I could not resist it.) Thanks for including us on your tour of England…

  2. I love the little pudgy black and white boat. Charming. Oh and those green fields. I like this place a lot !!!! Next time I want to come with you. Looks to me like you are having a great time.

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